The Best of the Web this Week: Stem Cell Research

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There were many good articles this week regarding the current state of stem cell research in light of the recent stem cell breakthrough and announcement by Dolly cloner Ian Willmut.

Colleen Carroll Campbell: Breakthrough signals a path to ethical cures

Charles Krauthammer: Stem Cell Vindication

Ramesh Ponnuru: Sharon Begley on Stem Cells – exposing media hypocrisy on stem cell research

Rich Lowry: Science Trumps Politics

One Comment on “The Best of the Web this Week: Stem Cell Research”

  1. Chelsea, I don’t know how you found my blog but I’m glad you did. I’ve just finished looking around here and read your “About me” post which reminded me of the old saying “Patience is the only virtue and long suffering the highest Heaven.”

    I no longer aspire to be either a saint or even a Catholic as I once did but it’s been a treat to read your blog.

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