Make Marriage a Priority

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Brent Stubbs has a great post over at Virtuous Planet calling on men to make marriage a priority: Men have become immune to the relationship of marriage. What do I mean? I mean that men think that marriage magically happens. That one day Mrs. Right will come along their path and they will magically know that she is the magical … Read More

No Abortions in Columbia Again!

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We’re only one day into the fall 40 Days for Life campaign and there’s already good news. Here in Missouri, the Planned Parenthood in Columbia has lost yet another abortionist. You may recall that I was just there a few weeks ago praying for 18 mothers who were going in for an abortion on my birthday. This is not the … Read More

TOB Tues: Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong

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Love lift us up where we belong Far from the world we know Up where the clear winds blow You know, Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes really were on to something. Just beautiful: [L]ove is a much deeper affair than many lovers realize, for it calls on them to receive each other as God’s gift and in so doing to … Read More

Shocker: A Biological Connection is Important to Kids, Too

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Last week I wrote a piece for Catholic Lane about “donor-conceived children” being deprived of a connection with their biological father. Recently I came across an article from NPR discussing the exact same thing. They interviewed donor-conceived Kathleen LaBounty who told NPR that when she looks in the mirror she feels, “like it’s a reflection of a stranger because there … Read More

Possible Stem Cell Treatment for the Unborn!

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Up to 40 percent of premature births are caused by a rupture in the membrane surrounding the foetus, causing labor. Babies born before 24 weeks have a poor chance of survival while later babies are at higher risk of birth complications. Previous attempts to treat this problem have not been successful, but some UK researchers are hoping that they’ve finally … Read More

Federal Embryonic Stem Cell Funding Lawsuit Not Dead Yet

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Two months ago, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth bowed to an earlier appellate court ruling and dismissed a lawsuit which claimed (correctly) that funding embryonic stem cell (ESC) research on newly harvested ESC lines violates a budgetary amendment prohibiting federal tax dollars from being used to create or destroy human embryos for scientific research. See more background here and here. … Read More

TOB Tues: TOB on Tour!

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How have I never heard of this until now?? Christopher West and the folk-rock group Mike Mangione & The Union have been going on tour together to promote the Theology of the Body to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. From the ‘Fill These Hearts’ website: Furrow 24 Productions, in association with the Theology of the Body Institute and Ascension Press, is … Read More

Cute Screaming Baby Blogging

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Congratulations to one of my very first blogging buddies, Regular Guy Paul, on the birth of his fifth child!! I don’t know why, but of the few pictures the proud papa put up on Facebook of little James Andrew Mitchell, this one was my favorite: Here’s a better look at his handsome face: Cute Baby Blogging really never gets old, … Read More

Video: Praying at Planned Parenthood

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Some footage I shot while I was at Planned Parenthood last week. There’s nothing really fantastic about this video, just us praying. Thankfully, for the most part, things are pretty peaceful during our prayer vigils in Columbia.

Talk Like A Pirate’s Wench Wantin’ Holy Matrimony

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Today, September 19 is international “Talk Like a Pirate Day.” The following was originally posted here two years ago. Definitely worth a re-post: Avast, me hearties! This is great. In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” the Ironic Catholic has a dialogue between “Lizzie, the Pirate Wench” and her priest after she discovers Theology of the Body: Lizzie: Ahoy, … Read More