Federal Embryonic Stem Cell Funding Lawsuit Not Dead Yet

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Two months ago, U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth bowed to an earlier appellate court ruling and dismissed a lawsuit which claimed (correctly) that funding embryonic stem cell (ESC) research on newly harvested ESC lines violates a budgetary amendment prohibiting federal tax dollars from being used to create or destroy human embryos for scientific research. See more background here and here.

This week attorneys for Dr. James Sherley and Dr. Theresa Deisher (the two adult stem cell researchers who filed the original lawsuit) have filed a Notice of Appeal asking the court to reverse the District Court’s ruling and stop federal taxpayer funding of human embryonic stem cell research.

Man, I’m getting a little dizzy trying to keep up with this back and forth, but kudos to Sherley and Deisher (my pro-life hero) for keeping the debate alive and taking such a bold stand, not just for the law, but for life!

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