Are You Ready for Some Football?!

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In honor of the beginning of my very favorite time of the year see my posts from early this year about last season’s Heisman Trophy winner Superman Tim Tebow whose mother was advised to abort him after she contacted amoebic dysentery and fell into a coma when she was pregnant with young Timmy: How ‘Bout that Gator? More on the … Read More

Palin: “My Baby Will Not be Neglected”

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For many Sarah Palin’s family situation only adds to her appeal, especially among pro-lifers, as John McCain’s VP running mate. Not only is she the mother of five (a relatively large number by today’s standards), but Palin and her husband Todd chose life for their 5th child, son Trig, after he was prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome. This is significant … Read More

Could it Really be a Woman???

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The announcement is just hours away but word is already out that both of the VP names heralded by the media for the last few months – Romney and Pawlenty – are definitely out. Pawlenty won’t even be at the rally in OH. Right now speculation is hot for Palin, which I think would be incredible. Other names still in … Read More

Augustine, Pelosi and Abortion

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How appropriate that today’s feast of St. Augustine came during the same week Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi used the Church Father’s words to justify her position in favor of abortion: “After she was elected to Congress, and the choice issue became more public as she would have to vote on it, she studied the matter more closely. Her … Read More

St. Monica, Model Wife and Mother

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Today we celebrated the feast of the mother of one of the Church’s most celebrated saints. St. Monica, mother of St. Augustine (whose feast day is tomorrow), prayed unceasingly for the conversion of her famous son, and, as we all know, was happily obliged by Our Lord. Not only that, but her husband, Patricius, a pagan with a terrible temper, … Read More

Hutchison is Wrong VP Chick Pick *UPDATED

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I must admit that after Hillary failed to clinch the nomination this year I am intrigued by the thought of McCain picking a woman as his VP. With the pick promised to be just days away new names of possible VP nominees are bound to surface. One name that has recently come up is TX Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison. Hopefully … Read More

Be “Fruit”ful and Multiply

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An interesting take on Gen. 1:28: Visit the Fruitful Sex website

’08 Olympic Medalist Chose Life Over ’04 Olympics

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When British hurdler Tasha Danvers-Smith decided that the life of her child was more important than competing in the 2004 summer Olympics in Athens she was ridiculed and told that her Olympic dreams would be destroyed. Not only did Danvers-Smith make it to the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, but on Aug. 20, she ran her personal best in the … Read More

Abortion is Forever for Fathers, Too

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Mark Pickup reflects on his role in his former girlfriend’s 1971 abortion: In 1971, my girlfriend became pregnant with our baby. We were both seventeen years of age. She wanted to get married and have the baby. Not me, I was a goodtime Charlie. There were parties to attend, beers to drink, drunken choruses to sing. The prospect of fatherhood … Read More

New TOB Resources

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Ascension Press anounces some new resources from Christopher West on the Theology of the Body. Each series has everything you need to lead your own TOB study sessions. Because our society has been living in utter darkness regarding the truth and meaning of human sexuality, of the human person, this is an important message to study and share with everyone … Read More