Jim Gaffigan: From “Loner” to Father of Five (and Counting?)

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) This is a great piece from CBS on comedian Jim Gaffigan about his family life. At the end of the interview Anthony Mason asks Gaffigan if he’s “done” having kids. To which he responds that, because he’s Catholic and his wife is a “shiite” Catholic, “there is no goalie” and he’s, “not opposed to it.” “I know the positives … Read More

Prince William on Fatherhood

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Fatherhood has treated Wills well in many ways — he looks great! Related: Cute Royal Baby Blogging Having Children Has Made Jim Gaffigan a “Better Man”

Having Children Has Made Jim Gaffigan a “Better Man”

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This is a really beautiful quote from Jim Gaffigan: “I watch the faces of single people in their twenties after I bring up that I ‘have children.’ I imagine them taking a small step backward as if to avoid contagion, with a look of ‘Sorry to hear that’ on their face. Like I naively volunteered to contract leprosy, forever quarantining … Read More

The Best and Hardest Job(s) in the World

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I saw this on TV the other day. It’s a commercial from Procter and Gamble honoring Olympic mothers, but I thought it was particularly apropos considering the recent Hilary Rosen vs. Ann Romney “mommy wars”. That and, well, mothers can never really be thanked enough: Honestly, though, as much as stay at home mothers have been dumped on lately, I … Read More

Advice for Fathers

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I think this is a great gift for sons as well to teach them the proper way to treat women.

One Man Has 74 Offspring and More Donor Conceived Children Speak Out

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Last month the New York Times reported on a man in California whose donated sperm was responsible for the lives of 150 young men and women. Shortly after, there was a lot of buzz over an episode of Style Network’s documentary show Style Exposed in which Ben Seisler confessed to his fiance (see video) that through the sperm he donated … Read More

For the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fatherhood Is a ‘Beautiful Club’

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I love me some RHCP. During an appearance On the Record with Fuse, frontman Anthony Kiedis told host Touré what it’s like being a member of the fatherhood “club”: “I love the club. Good God, it’s a beautiful club. Who knew? You can’t know until you go. It’s wild.” He also challenged the notion that having children stifles one’s freedom: … Read More

Happy “Anonymous Father’s Day”

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Anonymous Father’s Day is a feature-length documentary, telling the real stories of what it’s like to be a “donor-conceived” person. IFV: putting the desires of adults over the best interest of children. See also: Who’s Your Daddy? IVF, Frozen ‘Orphans’ and the Wisdom of the Church

Monday Entertainment: The Agony and Ecstasy of Fatherhood

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No music this Monday. But I did find this cute 1951 Disney short staring Goofy as George Geef (h/t Art of Manliness):

TOB Tuesday: Father’s Day & the TOB

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In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, see Fr. Thomas Loya’s latest article for Catholic Exchanges TOB Channel. The intro: It is appropriate that in our culture we observe “Father’s Day” during the warm weather time of year. This is a time of year when we see fathers doing a lot of outdoor grilling. We see Dad taking the kids … Read More