Every human life has value.

I saw this on TV the other day. It’s a commercial from Procter and Gamble honoring Olympic mothers, but I thought it was particularly apropos considering the recent Hilary Rosen vs. Ann Romney “mommy wars”. That and, well, mothers can never really be thanked enough:

Honestly, though, as much as stay at home mothers have been dumped on lately, I really think it’s working fathers who are short shrifted in our society today. They’re often seen and portrayed by popular entertainment as little more than the money makers with little to no knowledge or care about the daily operations of the home or what is going on in their children’s lives. Jen Fulwiler masterfully addressed this in this post for the Register last week.

Being a mother and a father is hard work, to be sure, but it’s more than just a “job”. It’s a vocation. It’s who they are. They don’t get paid for it and there’s certainly no “quitting time.” Even for those who have regular day (or night) jobs. They don’t stop being parents when they go to work outside of the home.

So, thanks to all you mothers and fathers for all you do and the sacrifices you make to shape our future, one immortal unrepeatable individual at a time!

April 18th, 2012 at 10:19 am
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