I’m Going to Disney World!!!

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Dear readers, just a little not to let you know that I will be leaving this afternoon to spend a few days at the happiest place on earth! When I was younger and we lived in Florida, we used to go to Disney about once a year. The last time I went was the summer before my accident (about 9 … Read More

Humanae Vitae, the Church and Contraception

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Our presentation on Humanae Vitae, the Church and Contraception this Sunday was a success. We had a very good crowd and I think the overall message got across pretty well in the short amount of time we had to deliver it. Truly each of the three speakers could have taken up the whole hour and a half themselves – so … Read More

Pray for Babies Ryan and Kale

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On my way home from GA a few weeks ago I stopped in KY to see my friend Lena and her new baby, Ryan. We found out recently that Lena’s husband has been given orders to go overseas in December for another year (he has been to Iraq once already) – Ryan will be 6 months old when he leaves. … Read More

Happy Humanae Vitae Day!

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It “fell like a bomb” on the Church. Forty years ago today, at the onset of the sexual revolution, a time when society was beginning to reexamine the very meaning and purpose of human sexuality, Pope Paul VI, under, I believe, direct guidance by the Holy Spirit, made it clear that the Catholic Church stood firm not only in favor … Read More

NFP Awareness!

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Launched by the U.S. Catholic Bishops, this week has been NFP Awareness Week! It highlights the 40th anniversary of Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae this Friday the 25th and the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne (the parents of Mary) on Saturday. I am on the Gospel of Life Committee at our parish and we will be having a … Read More

Still Fighting for Life in Delaware

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Randy Richardson is still fighting to keep his severely disabled daughter Lauren alive. He recently told World Net Daily that he’s now battling “his former wife, the medical establishment and the court system for the life of his daughter.” On the improvement of her condition he said, “She has been trying to sit up and also has tried to verbalize. … Read More

An Actually Appealing Presidential Candidate

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It would just be really be nice if he actually had a chance of winning. From Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin (from video below): I will use the bully pulpit of the White House to encourage Congress to pass Congressman Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life Act which would do two things. Number one it would identify every unborn child as … Read More

Cardinal Arinze Webcasts TOB!

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Shamefully I am not yet a subscriber to Cardinal Arinze’s webcast, though I pretty much love to hear anything the man has to say. But I recently stumbled upon another website with links to the Cardinal’s recent webcasts and found out that he has been doing a series on Theology of the Body. Really I have only ever heard TOB … Read More

This Time Last Year

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Jay reminded us yesterday that July 17, 2007 was the day Barack Obama gave that chilling speech to Planned Parenthood in which he told the pro-abortion crowd that “what is at stake in this election” is the “fundamental freedom”, the “fundamental right” to abortion: “This is about more than just standing our ground, must be about more than protecting the … Read More

Sacred Femininity

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Last Friday I caught an episode of Man and Woman: A Divine Invention with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand. Speaking of the female body, von Hildebrand said that it is significant to note that a woman’s sexual organs, unlike those of men, are hidden – or to use another word, veiled. In the Old Testament the veil … Read More