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Since we just celebrated our country’s freedom yesterday, a few good paragraphs from Called to Love: Aproaching John Paul II’s Theology of the Body on freedom and the body (p. 35): Human freedom is a capacity for creative communication. It is fittingly rooted in the body, because the body opens us to participation in reality. […]

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In the name of freedom sex has very little to do with God or spirituality for people in our modern society. Heck, oftentimes it’s even devoid of any kind of real love or emotion! They consider themselves sexually free who see sex as nothing more than a physical sort of recreational activity and don’t let […]

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In a column for Catholic Exchange not too long ago, Dr. Mark Dendrickson commented on the increasing incidence of men killing their pregnant lovers and how the “culture of death” has progressed this far. The driving force: Another powerful anti-life undertow was generated by the “sexual revolution.” For many, the Judeo-Christian concept of sex for […]

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The fifth and final installment of Cardinal Arinze’s webcast on TOB is available now: This one is quite significant because, as Pope Benedict has suggested, Marriage is the key to world peace. See the previous episodes on these posts: Cardinal Arinze Webcasts TOB! Theology of the Body: Original Happiness These webcasts are part of a […]

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Here’s video of Fr. John Corapi reciting his article Death Wish: the impending suicide of a once great nation (h/t Catholic Fire.) It’s wonderful – watch the whole thing: Part 1 Part 2 “A nation that kills its own children is a nation without a future” – JP II This is your wake up call, […]

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Our presentation on Humanae Vitae, the Church and Contraception this Sunday was a success. We had a very good crowd and I think the overall message got across pretty well in the short amount of time we had to deliver it. Truly each of the three speakers could have taken up the whole hour and […]

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As we have celebrated our freedom as a country this holiday weekend, it is worth pondering what it means to really have true and lasting freedom. Modern society suggests that freedom is a release from the “shackles” of any semblance of faith or morality, at least to the extent that it might challenge our ability […]

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