Still Fighting for Life in Delaware

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Randy Richardson is still fighting to keep his severely disabled daughter Lauren alive. He recently told World Net Daily that he’s now battling “his former wife, the medical establishment and the court system for the life of his daughter.” On the improvement of her condition he said,

“She has been trying to sit up and also has tried to verbalize. She looks good, is loving, she cries, she can giggle, she can’t talk but does try to verbalize, we can tell when she’s in pain or uncomfortable.”

He, and his daughter, recently won the support of lawmakers in his state. But the battle continues.

Not only do Randy and Lauren need them, but Lauren’s mother needs your prayers as well. There is also a similar case down in Florida involving 57 year od Karen Weber who had a stroke last December. Her husband wants her dead, her mother wants her alive. The unique thing here is that technically Karen has not yet been found incompetent to handle her affairs. An examining committee has been, well, examining her and a report has yet to be filed.

Meanwhile, earlier this month family members approved the starvation and dehydration of the severely disabled Bradley Whaley who, after a devastating brain injury, was able to recognize his mother and mouth “mama” when she pulled on his chin. He would even kiss her when she pulled him close enough.

From Wesley Smith:

For more than ten years I have been telling anyone who will listen that unquestionably conscious cognitively disabled patients are being denied sustenance in every state in this country–so long as no family member objects (and eventually, if futile care theory takes hold, it will be even if they do).

It is a scary time to be disabled in America.

Here is Lauren’s video:

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2 Comments on “Still Fighting for Life in Delaware”

  1. Does one get the feeling the whole world is falling into the abyss? Have we all become so self-centered? May it not be so, but, as we used to say back in my evangelical, charismatic days-

  2. Self-centered, Matthew???? You know NOTHING of our amazing son, Bradley’s, situation… how he got into that condition, how long he was like that… NOTHING; yet, you feel you have the right to criticize and pass judgement without even so much as having those facts?? Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is the only person with the entitlement to pass judgement… or have all of you forgotten that? “Judge not, lest ye be judged…”

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