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Ok, that was lame, but the movie did do surprisingly well for only being released is 31 theaters – $1.3 million’s not to shabby! And now, along with the Toronto Film Festival’s People’s Choice Award, Bella can add the prize for best Drama at the Heartland Film Festival in Indiana. Critic’s haven’t been too nice […]

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I’ve been giving Gov. Blunt a pretty hard time lately, not that he doesn’t deserve it – with his unwavering support for human cloning research. But I suppose I should give him credit when he stands on the right side of life issues. He is consistently anti-abortion and has done some good things in that […]

Posted at: October 30th, 2007 - 10:11 pm - Number of Comments » 2

With Sam Brownback out of the race, I have been looking at the other Republican candidates to see who I will throw my weight behind. Mike Huckabee has been making his way up the ladder, slowly but surely. His impressive win at the Washington Briefing recently has gotten many people talking. Social conservatives are hungry […]

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A new blog has started, Adult Stem Cell Awareness, dedicated to raising awareness of the many advancements in adult stem cell technology. They are now asking for motivated bloggers to consider blogging periodically about adult stem cell research since the main stream media refuses to acknowledge its success. I try to do this every chance […]

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I did not get to watch the Fox documentary, Facing Reality: Choice, about three women and their unexpected pregnancies, but Jill Stanek did some live blogging while it aired. According to Jill, Kayla, the college co-ed, was on birth control – though she was sloppy with taking it. Thus, Fox cameras were present for her […]

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Regarding the WHO abortion study that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post another conclusion that many come to upon seeing the numbers of abortions carried out world wide is that something must be done to prevent so many “unwanted pregnancies” in the first place. Now that is a rational conclusion. What is irrational, however, is the […]

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For the past few weeks news outlets and the blogosphere have been buzzing about the new world wide abortion study from the World Health Organization and the Guttmacher Institute. Most of the numbers are “lost in ideological fog” as Deirdre McQuade puts it, but that doesn’t stop people from reporting and commenting on what these […]

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“Facing Reality, Choice,” will air Saturday, Oct. 27, at 9 p.m. ET on FOX News Channel. It profiles three women and their “agonizing decisions to have their babies or terminate their pregnancies.” I’m not quite sure how this will effect, or add to, the abortion debate as a whole. It will be a purely emotional […]

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No, I do not give Rowling credit for “outing” a beloved character, to many children by the way, after the series has come to a final and satisfying conclusion, without any major moral catastrophes – until now. That was unnecessary and, I think, unwise, given her large Christian fan base which spends a sometimes exhaustive […]

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Missourians Against Human Cloning held a press conference Friday morning criticizing Carnahan and the ballot language she approved for the CWC initiative. You can see video of that here. Now Carnahan’s approved language has drawn dueling lawsuits. That’s right, I said dueling, meaning one from both sides. It was inevitable that CWC was going to […]

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