Evidence: Contraception is NOT the Answer

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I did not get to watch the Fox documentary, Facing Reality: Choice, about three women and their unexpected pregnancies, but Jill Stanek did some live blogging while it aired. According to Jill, Kayla, the college co-ed, was on birth control – though she was sloppy with taking it. Thus, Fox cameras were present for her second abortion. Not surprisingly, when she was chaste all through high school she never once got pregnant and had to face the “reality of choice.” That is why I say, if we want to seriously help prevent women from finding themselves in these situations we must reclaim the truth and meaning of human sexuality.

How did the other women fair? Jeanne, a drug addict with 5 other children (4 of whom she lost custody of and another she gave up for adoption), decided not to abort, but ended up miscarrying, only to find herself pregnant again by the end of taping. She is planning on adoption.

The last woman, Brooke, found out that her daughter had an extra 18th chromosome and was encouraged to abort. She didn’t and the baby died sometime before she was born. Here is a moving video dedicated to baby Marlee:

What a blessing for this family. Because of their decision not to abort they allowed their child a peaceful death and all who loved her were there to say goodbye. Jill, who has spent time counseling pregnant and post abortive women says:

I’ve never known a mom who regretted leaving her baby’s life and death in God’s hands. But I’ve met several moms who regretted terminating.

I can see why.

2 Comments on “Evidence: Contraception is NOT the Answer”

  1. I didn’t watch the show b/c I assumed everyone would abort. Thanks for pointing out that this family didn’t. What a great couple!

  2. You are so right. Thanks for getting this out there. I’m amazed at how much the acceptance of contraception fuels the culture of death.

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