Drug Addicts Don’t Need Sterilization or Abortion

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Over a year ago I wrote an article about why drug addicts should not be encouraged to allow themselves to be permanently sterilized. Sharing her personal story of being pregnant while addicted to crystal meth, Calah Alexander is an example of why sterilizing drug addicts is the wrong approach: Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy, being a newly-pregnant drug … Read More

The Real Reason to Criticize Roe

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Over at the Public Discourse Daniel K. Williams has a must read on the misunderstood history of abortion law in the United States: [F]or years pro-lifers have not really understood what Roe did. They have too often accepted the myth that neither legal abortion nor an organized pro-life movement existed prior to Roe. Although they have denounced Roe vociferously, they … Read More


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TIME Magazine has a provocative new cover for it’s January 14 issue commemorating the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade: If you can’t quite read that, it says: “Forty years ago abortion rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v. Wade…And they’ve been losing ever since.” Really, after 40 years of legalized abortion and 55 MILLION unborn children killed, … Read More

A Tale of Two Births

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Genetics is not the be all and end all in determining what the “quality” of someone’s life will be — both for themselves and for those around them. In this video Dr. Jérôme Lejeune tells an incredible – and true! – story that goes well with my article last week and perfectly illustrates the arrogance of deciding who is worthy … Read More

Would You Say That to My Face?

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My latest for Catholic Lane is (finally) up. In it I expand on some thoughts I’ve shared here before on the message that eugenic abortions send to those living with disabilities. I begin: In recent decades, America has made many wonderful advances in protecting the rights of people with disabilities and including them in society. Gone are the days of … Read More

The Strange Case of Savita Halappanavar

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JC Sanders has the best analysis of this whole mess I’ve read yet: The facts are not all in just yet—in fact, very few facts have really been made available at all. This is perhaps strange, given the passage of nearly two weeks between Mrs. Halappanaavar’s death and the time at which the news of said death broke. What we … Read More

Introducing BioTalk!

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Editing video is hard! Since Rebecca Taylor and I had such a good time chatting with each other last month, we decided to try it again…and possibly make it a regular thing! Introducing BioTalk (the name is still up in the air), where Rebecca and I — and possibly other guests in the future?? — will talk about all things … Read More

Perfect Paisley

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Although skeptical and scared at first, it didn’t take long after the birth of his daughter Paisley for Heath White to discover that the abortion he originally wanted for her would not have prevented anyone any suffering or embarrassment. Instead, it would have deprived the both of them of a beautiful and happy life together. Thank God for his wife’s … Read More

Ethan’s Witness

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I introduced you guys to Ethan back in April when his mother, a friend of mine from college, posted this picture of him on her Facebook page with the caption: This Easter pic is dedicated to all the doctors and so called specialists who suggested we terminate our pregnancy as it was “incompatible with life.” He looks pretty good to … Read More

Wanted: Ethical Doctors

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Over at Catholic Lane last week we published two articles from women describing their experiences with so-called Catholic doctors and hospitals acting…less than Catholic. See: Countering the “Catholic Doctor” Deception -Terri Kimmel Counseled to Abort in a Catholic Hospital -Stacy Trasancos Sadly, their experiences are not unique. One famous example is Christ Hospital or Advocate Christ Hospital and Medical Center … Read More