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Admittedly, I have not watched a lot of this year’s Winter Olympics. I’m more of a summer games kinda gal, myself. But an image image from the games this week captured my attention, as did the story behind it. On Monday Alex Bilodeau won gold in the freestyle skiing moguls competition — and he shared […]

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In recent years, modern academics have managed to recast “eugenics” as a positive term, distinguishing their vision from past government-mandated eugenics policies. The emphasis now is on “selective reproduction” and the parents’ “choice” to decide what kind of child they want to have. The result has been a search and destroy mission to wipe people […]

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Oh, this is just delightful. Tim Harris is providing his community with food…and hugs! Please, tell me again how people with Down syndrome have miserable lives and need to be eliminated in the womb because they are a burden on their families and society. Go on. Say it to my face.

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Patheos Evangelical blogger Amy Julia Becker has a fascinating article at The New Atlantic on the history of prenatal testing and abortion. The editors of the Atlantic have titled it Better Prenatal Testing Does Not Mean More Abortion, but the crux of her article is not so much whether better prenatal testing has lead to […]

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Editing video is hard! Since Rebecca Taylor and I had such a good time chatting with each other last month, we decided to try it again…and possibly make it a regular thing! Introducing BioTalk (the name is still up in the air), where Rebecca and I — and possibly other guests in the future?? — […]

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I introduced you guys to Ethan back in April when his mother, a friend of mine from college, posted this picture of him on her Facebook page with the caption: This Easter pic is dedicated to all the doctors and so called specialists who suggested we terminate our pregnancy as it was “incompatible with life.” […]

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A few days ago I talked about God’s use of the weak to shame the strong. One of the examples I gave involved babies who survived abortion attempts, showing their would-be assassins who really has control over life and death. In a similar way, little Pearl Joy Brown is also doing just that. Marybeth Hicks […]

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As the technology progresses, doctors are able to test unborn children for various diseases and disabilities earlier and earlier. Naturally, many pro-lifers are concerned about this because of the high-percentage of children who are killed in utero after negative test results. But condemning the genetic testing itself for the murder of these babies is a […]

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Over at Catholic Lane, Mark Pickup writes about the importance of Christian perinatal hospice: There are expectant parents who face the terrible reality that their baby will be born with a terminal condition. They are usually told after a prenatal test and are given the choice of continuing the pregnancy or aborting their baby. Parents […]

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Good news! On a tele-town hall last night from his daughter’s hospital room, Rick Santorum told Florida voters, “She’s had a miraculous turnaround. We have a long way to go, but she turned the corner and we are very, very grateful.” Bella was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs, a devastating illness for anyone, but […]

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