Two Lives Saved! Thanks for Your Prayers

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Thanks for all your birthday comments and prayers for the 18 mothers scheduled for abortions at our local Planned Parenthood. I was able to spend a little bit of time praying at the facility last night with a group of pro-lifers who pray there every week and I just got word that at least two of the mothers did end … Read More

Planned Parenthood Bus Rally in Columbia, MO

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For just a few years now there has been a peaceful 40 Days for Life presence outside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Columbia, MO. Since these vigils have been going on PP has had a hard time keeping an abortionist on staff and have gone extended periods of time without committing abortions. They are currently without an abortionist and … Read More

A Prayer for Truth and Life

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Good news: the House passed the Pence amendment to de-fund Planned Parenthood, a success which many are attributing to the recent work of Live Action “exposing” the dirty deeds of the Nation’s largest abortion provider. And yet, a not-so small or insignificant debate has been raging lately on whether Live Action’s actions were justified. I admit that I am quite … Read More

Cool: Time Lapse Video of 2011 March for Life

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From the AirMaria YouTube channel: What a crowd!! According to the video description the time it took for the March to pass the camera was 1 hour 31 minutes – way to go pro-lifers!! I like this reaction from someone on Facebook: “Somehow the NY Times missed 400,000 people marching in Washington DC.” It has to be a conscious effort … Read More

Pope Encourages Use of Social Media for Evangelization

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Yesterday morning Family Research Council hosted “ProLifeCon“, a conference for the online pro-life community. There were many good talks this year from some of the most well known names in the pro-life movement encouraging and giving tips on the use of social media for communicating the pro-life message. The archived webcast can be viewed here. Coincidentally (or, perhaps not) that … Read More

Livesreaming ProLifeCon *Updated*

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Experts and legislators weigh in on the cutting edge of the pro-life movement and give you ways to make a difference on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the rest of the online world. If you have trouble viewing this you can also watch it here. **UPDATE** The embed code does not appear to be working here. I don’t know what … Read More

Tune in for ProLifeCon Tomorrow!

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Pro-life internet activists will gather at Family Research Council headquarters on January 24th, 2011 for ProLifeCon, the premier conference for the online pro-life community. I will be embedding the live webcast here on my blog tomorrow (8:30-11:30 am EST). It will feature experts and legislators to inform you about the cutting edge of the pro-life movement and give you ways … Read More


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I wonder if this is taking the place of the “Blogs 4 Life” Conference they’ve been doing at the March for Life for the past few years. I really wish I could attend the March again and go to the wonderful events they’ve been having, getting together, not just with a bunch of pro-lifers in general, but specifically other pro-lifers … Read More

Time to Vote!

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I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most enthusiastic voter. Politics sucks and it seems like no one can be trusted. But, voting is our duty and a sacred honor and we can’t really complain about the outcome if we don’t at least try to influence it with our own vote. I have heard from many people … Read More


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The new CatholicVote ad has arrived! Catch yours truly at the 1:07 mark: