TOB Tuesday: The “Manhood Project”

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Last week I brought up the importance of men and women complimenting each other with their sexual differences by living according to authentic masculinity and femininity. So I was pleased to come across this column at the Catholic Exchange’s TOB Channel on what one man is doing to teach his sons how to grow to be “Godly, Loving Men.” He … Read More

TOB Tuesday: We Were Made Male and Female

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I found these short clips from the Theology of the Body for Teens series: TOB segement for guys: TOB segement for girls: The world today, which sees authentic masculinity and femininity as antiquated, sexist ideals, may look at these videos and think: Why the separate advice for guys and girls? They should not be held to different standards in that … Read More

Remember the “Hollow Men”

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I found this poem in a USCCB pamphlet on men and abortion: We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men… Our dried voices, when We whisper together Are quiet and meaningless… Remember us — if at all — not as lost Violent souls, but only As the hollow men The stuffed men. –T.S. Eliot, “The Hollow Men” Abortion … Read More

Br. Augustine: “Now I am Silent No More”

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This is very moving (h/t causa nostrae laetitiae): Resources: Men and abortion Resources for men

The Forgotten Abortion Victims

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Quite often during pregnancy men are viewed as disconnected sperm donors, whose journey of fatherhood really only begins after birth – should it be allowed to occur. However, from the moment of conception both parties involved are changed from being simply man and woman to mother and father – whether they choose to accept the roles or not. Here Geoffrey … Read More

The Swell Bella Fellas, on a Mission for God

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The movie has been out for two weeks and achieved enormous success for such a humble work of art, with an ever growing fan base. But I wonder, even among the fans, if we truly recognize the God-send that is Bella and the little production company that could, Metanoia Films. Bella is a beautiful and moving picture (yes, I finally … Read More

Happy Father’s Day!

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Very late blessings for all you fathers out there! Fathers are often the forgotten heroes of the American family, yet none would be complete without them. Thank you to all fathers for the hard work you do to support, protect and be an example to your children and grandchildren. Thank you, above all, for accepting your role as father – … Read More

Abortion Hurts Men

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This is a beautiful song by a group called Flipsyde about the lead singer’s remorse over ending his child’s life by abortion. I don’t listen to any sort of rap or hip/hop music so I found out about this on LifeSite News. Apparently Kenny Rogers also wrote a song about a man regretting an abortion called “Water and Bridges.” I … Read More