Documentary: The Great Stem Cell Debate

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This documentary from the Center for Bioethics and Culture looks promising (h/t: Wesley Smith): A longer preview can be seen via Facebook. You can order a copy through the CBC Network.

There’s No Substitute for the Truth

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As much as it feels like it sometimes, I’m not the only one with a disability/disease who oposes the use of nascent human life for scientific research. MSNBC reports on a man with ALS with just such a principle. ALS is a terrible, terrible disease and Mr. Jim McKevitt is in its advanced stages. Says his wife, “He’s losing ground. … Read More

Obama Changes Stem Cell Policy, Talks Cloning

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Yesterday President Obama did what we all knew he would do in office – overturn the Bush stem cell policy via executive order. Yuval Levin has an excellent commentary on this (h/t Paul). Cloning was also apparently on the mind of the president as he signed this new executive order as he said in his remarks yesterday morning: “we will … Read More

Bush Was a Stem Cell Leader

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Reader (and now fellow blogger) Brian Gillin recently had an op-ed published in the Washington Times in which he thanks Pres. Bush for his help in advancing stem cell science – that’s right, advancing it: Thank you, President Bush, for not allowing science to be divorced from ethics. In 2001, you struck a balance on embryonic stem-cell research, limiting the … Read More

The Root of the Abortion Problem

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In a letter to the editor last week an Our Sunday Visitor reader responds to a previous OSV article asking if American Catholics are suffering from a conscience formation deficit and no longer taking abortion seriously: The problem is that abortion is not the problem but the symptom. For several generations we have tolerated a culture where our sexual values … Read More

“Stem Cell Divide” Premiers Tomorrow

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I will be heading to St. Louis to see The Stem Cell Divide at the St. Louis International Film Festival tomorrow. One early review doesn’t exactly sing it’s praises, but it does indicate that the movie is well balanced: It looks at the controversy over stem cell research through the lens of the campaign for/against Missouri’s Amendment 2 in the … Read More

Who Else is Featured in The Stem Cell Divide – Besides Me?

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The St. Louis Post briefly mentions the Stem Cell Divide: STEM CELL NEUTRAL: While the embryonic stem cell controversy was galvanizing Missouri, three St. Louis women were documenting it all — the hearings, the legislative sessions, speeches, debates, rallies and the Amendment 2 campaign. Those women — Barbara Langsam Shuman, Jill Mirowitz Mogil and Sharon Harris Pollack — have produced … Read More

“Stem Cell Divide” Info

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I just checked out the St. Louis International Film Festival website and saw that the blurb for “The Stem Cell Divide” (that I wrote about here) is now up: The Stem Cell Divide Barbara Shuman, Jill Mogil & Sharon Pollack, U.S., 2008, 90 min. Sunday, Nov. 16, 2 p.m., Tivoli 1 “The Stem Cell Divide” examines the controversy – in … Read More

Let’s Never Find Out

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Ad from Let Freedom Ring (h/t: Mary Meets Dolly): What happens when we elect a president who has disregard for human life? Please, America, let’s never find out. See: “The Vortex” Barack Obama: Dangerous Values Sacrifices for Life Attention Roman Catholics for Obama Gianna Jessen’s “Gift of Cerebral Palsy Barack Obama and Infanticide: Indefensible Barack Obama “Will Not Yield” on … Read More

The STL International Film Festival and “The Stem Cell Divide”

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I just got word from the filmmakers that the documentary “The Stem Cell Divide,” which I was a part of, will premier at the St. Louis International Film Festival on Sunday Nov. 16th, 2 p.m., at the Tivoli 1 Theatre. The movie documents the great stem cell debate that has been raging in Missouri over the last few years. Triumph … Read More