Who Else is Featured in The Stem Cell Divide – Besides Me?

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The St. Louis Post briefly mentions the Stem Cell Divide:

STEM CELL NEUTRAL: While the embryonic stem cell controversy was galvanizing Missouri, three St. Louis women were documenting it all — the hearings, the legislative sessions, speeches, debates, rallies and the Amendment 2 campaign. Those women — Barbara Langsam Shuman, Jill Mirowitz Mogil and Sharon Harris Pollack — have produced and directed “The Stem Cell Divide,” based on their documentation. The film will première at the Tivoli Theatre as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival on Nov. 16, beginning at 2 p.m. “The Stem Cell Divide” is the first documentary produced by the women, who are partners in Triumph Documentaries. In their other lives, Shuman is a journalist and PR exec, Mogil is an optometrist, and Pollack is a biologist and science writer. Among those interviewed or seen in the film: former Sen. John Danforth; Dr. William Danforth; John Dubinsky; Mark Wrighton; former St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke; Alan Keyes; Phyllis Schlafly; state senators Chris Koster and Matt Bartle; Dr. Steven Teitelbaum; and Dr. Richard Chole.

It looks like they got a good group of people in there representing our side. Advance tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at Landmark Theaters.

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