Cute “Incompatible With Life” Baby Blogging: Happy Easter, Ethan!

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It’s been far too long since this blog has seen any cute babies! And this little guy has something to say to the culture of death that tried to convince his parents to give up on his life just when he needed them the most:

Ethan Emmanuel Tutwiler just celebrated his first Easter. His mother, a friend of mine from college, wrote the following caption to this picture on her Facebook page:

This Easter pic is dedicated to all the doctors and so called specialists who suggested we terminate our pregnancy as it was “incompatible with life.” He looks pretty good to me.

He certainly looks wonderful to me!

When Kaitlyn was 18 weeks pregnant they found she had next to no amniotic fluid and she and her husband James were told that little Ethan had “no chance.” Lucky for Ethan his parents refused to listen to the doctors who did not value their son’s precious life. They understood that Ethan belonged to God and only He who brought him into the world had the authority to take him out. The first few months after he was born (mostly spent in the hospital) were not easy, I’m sure, but that doesn’t mean that his life was not worth living – and loving – for however long that turned out to be.

Praise God, he has thrived and looks to be a very happy and healthy baby boy today. Happy Easter, Ethan! Here’s to many more Easters (and birthdays and Christmases and Thanksgivings, etc…) in your future.

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One Comment on “Cute “Incompatible With Life” Baby Blogging: Happy Easter, Ethan!”

  1. I too think he is a Blessing an thank The Lord God that he is here and gracing the Tutwiler family along with his other 16 cousins.

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