Reaching Out to Hispanics

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Bella star Eduardo Verastegui helps reach out to Hispanic voters on abortion and Barack Obama:

The full length video includes some graphic abortion pics and can be seen at

h/t: Catholic in Film School

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2 Comments on “Reaching Out to Hispanics”

  1. JMJ

    Dear Chelsea:
    I came across your website while I was looking for Dura Realidad, a piece which I intend to show outside of the Catholic churches in Tucson between now and the election.

    I read about your about me piece and admire you. We will pray for you and beg you to pray for us. This family needs prayer as much as anyone, having one child who is a little lost

    I will visit your website periodically to see what is new. I already see that you have a like to Life is Worth Living which we lost when we moved a year or so ago, so I will resubscribe. Thank you.

    Luis Howard

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