Gianna Jessen’s “Gift of Cerebral Palsy”

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She has a gift alright:

Abortion survivor Gianna Jessen, who says she has the “gift of cerebral palsy” (a result of being burned alive inside her mother’s womb), is helping to spread the news about Barack Obama’s votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Acts in IL.

In the video Alan Colmes keeps asserting that there was no need for the new protection because there was already an IL law protecting infants who survive abortions.

Jessen mentions that there were loopholes in the law. There were. The pre-existing law is the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975(!). And the “born alive protection” is for a “viable” fetus only which must be determined to be viable in writing by the doctor performing the abortion “in his medical judgment based on the particular facts of the case before him” before the abortion is performed.

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See why Vive Christus Rex thinks Gianna is The Most Dangerous Woman in America.

Related story: if only this UK woman considered her four year old daughter with cerebral palsy a gift instead of an embarrassment. The poor little girl might be alive today.

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3 Comments on “Gianna Jessen’s “Gift of Cerebral Palsy””

  1. Whilst I think Gianna’s story is remarkable, as the father of a son who died of cerebral palsy, would find it difficult to look upon it as a gift. I treat many children who literally suffer as a result of CP, so no, it is not a gift, it is a big, big problem for many children.

  2. Thank you for what you are doing, for your attitude, and your testimony. I am a mother of a child born with a congenital syndrome, TARS; leaving our child with missing arm bones, and knee joints, and low platelets. We knew that he would have limb differences at our 20 week ultrasound…we chose life! I can truly say that while our son does have struggles, he is also an overcomer, and in so many ways has been a gift beyond measure. God does not make mistakes. He is a sovereign God who allows things in our lives for the good, that many times we do not understand, but one day we will. God bless you in all that you do!

  3. If there is a “gift of cerebral palsy”, does that not make it harder to distinguish between things that are gifts and things that are not? Are poverty and failure “gifts” in this sense? Is there anything that is not a gift, no matter how bad it seems to the person receiving it? Or can it even be said that anything is bad? Is there a point where common sense takes over to prevent an irrational result? What is it?

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