Other Court Cases to Keep an Eye On

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While the country continues to processes yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling and what it all means, Rebecca Taylor reminds us of another court battle we should keep and eye on: The ACLU and the Association for Molecular Pathology have sued Myriad Genetics and the U.S. Patent Office over Myriad’s patent on the BRCA I and II genes. The initial ruling, issued … Read More

All Things Are Passing

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Just a reminder: Yes, today’s Supreme Court ruling was a major disappointment (to say the very least). And, yes, we must continue to fight for life and liberty here on earth. But, let’s also remember to keep our eye on the real hope that springs eternal: For here we have no lasting city, but we seek the one that is … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Scared of Sex

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Last week, Trista from Not a Minx, a Moron or a Parasite, wrote a brave and brutally honest guest post for the Real Catholic Love and Sex blog about the anxiety she sometimes had when she thought about her potential wedding night. My thoughts were jumbled and erratic: Couldn’t there be another way to produce offspring? I asked God. Are … Read More

Sorry, Cryokids, This is The New Normal. “Get Over It.”

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In Must Not See TV news, NBC’s latest attempt at humor this fall will be The New Normal, a 30 minute sitcom about a young, single mother who agrees to become a gay couple’s surrogate mother. In the trailer for The New Normal, there is a scene in which the gay couple is speaking to someone from a fertility clinic … Read More

Do It for the Children!

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Wow. These ‘mommy wars’ just don’t stop. Hot on the heals of this article, which I wrote about earlier today, Cherie Blair, wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, said in a speech recently that every mother should work outside the home – for the good of the children: “Every woman needs to be self-sufficient and in that way … Read More

How Modern Feminists Acknowledge the Superiority of Men

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Well, this is maddening, and yet, at the same time I wonder if it’s even worth it to take this woman seriously as she just sounds bitter and stupid: I have to admit that when I meet a woman who I know is a graduate of, say, Princeton — one who has read The Second Sex and therefore ought to … Read More

Comfort in Our Weakness

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Andrea Solario, Madonna With the Green Cushion This picture reminds me of something I heard a priest say once: “may the humanity of Christ give us comfort in our weaknesses.” Related: Divine Drool and the Art of Baby Worship

The Brutal Reality of China’s One Child Policy

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Feng Jianmei, was beaten and dragged into a vehicle by a group of family planning officials while her husband was at work. When the officials asked for money for fines from Feng’s family and did not receive the funds, they forcibly aborted Feng’s second child at seven months. The picture says it all: In case you forgot, China is the … Read More

Condescending Wonka Strikes Again!

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Just when I thought the ‘Condescending Wonka’ meme had run its course, he goes and does something like this…and totally redeems himself (for the moment, anyway). 🙂

Marilyn and Her Ovaries

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The fact I’m a woman is important and means much to me. -Marilyn Monroe This is pretty interesting. From Letters of Note (h/t NFP Works): On April 28th of 1952, medical staff at the Cedars of Lebanon hospital in L.A. wheeled an extremely nervous Marilyn Monroe to surgery where she was to have her appendix removed. Some time later, with … Read More