Condescending Wonka Strikes Again!

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Just when I thought the ‘Condescending Wonka’ meme had run its course, he goes and does something like this…and totally redeems himself (for the moment, anyway). 🙂


8 Comments on “Condescending Wonka Strikes Again!”

  1. Pro-choice – because we support the right to CHOOSE, and no one else has to but the carrier.

  2. Dear friend, only when you aknowledge what exactly you are choosing, the killing of your child, can you truely call yourself pro-choice.

    It’s never too late to switch sides 🙂

  3. This meme makes no sense. I live in a country where all abortions are legal. Nobody is going to a church to say “hurhurhur, you alone have to pay for birth control”. If you mean they have to pay tax dollars that go toward that or something; so. . .? You think everybody else agrees with what their tax dollars are paying for? I hate that my tax dollars are going to be paying for over 60 f-35s, can I get an exemption? I honestly don’t see what the argument is here.

    Now, for the entire pro-choice vs. pro-life argument. I am both pro-life and pro-choice. I would never recommend an abortion, but I realise people will get one anyway. You can’t stop people from getting abortions, they’ll just get one illegally from some ally-way “doctor” and end up getting killed or something.

    If a fetus is a person, why do we not hold funerals for miscarriages? Why does a pregnant person not say “I have a child”? If a fetus is a person is sperm also a person because of the potential? Is an egg? Do you you think a man masturbating into a paper towel is killing a person?

    But fine, let’s just say a fetus is a person for the sake of argument. Do you believe that it is a right to force a person to keep another person alive, for nine months, inside of them? I sure as hell don’t, I believe that the person keeping that person alive has the choice to say “no”.

  4. Kevin this meme makes perfect sense. Forcing Catholics to pay for medical procedures is forcing them to conform with standards that they find ethically abhorrent. In the same breath, denying the pro-choice option will inevitably force those who do not hold those moral convictions to conform to the standards of others. Just follow the logic train….

    Also, nice comment about the F-35s. I wish we would borrow an idea from our friends across the ocean and make government service mandatory. Maybe if you actually had to serve your country- in a military, civil, or volunteer role- you would understand what it means to be a functioning member of society.

    Your convictions and thoughts are frivolous becuase they have never been tempered by true responsibility. Re-read your post after another 8 years of life and hopefully after you have had to make difficult decisions. Til then go back to your paper route.

  5. Actually, I work (for my government nonetheless) and I pay taxes, my problem isn’t with working and I don’t know how you came to that conclusion in the first place. My point was that I don’t agree with how my tax dollars are being spent either, that doesn’t mean I’m against having to pay taxes, I’m just saying the catholic church has no more of a right to bitch than anyone else. Now, tell me; what made you think I was some kid with a paper route?

    Would you care to explain how your country wants to force them to pay for abortions alone. Is it just by paying for taxes, or is the government saying “only the catholic church has to for abortions”? If it’s the latter, yes I agree, it’s stupid. I was being honest when I said I didn’t understand what the meme was getting at, the bulk of my comment wasn’t even about the meme, it was a response to the other comment.

  6. @Woman’s Representative- I agree with “The Other Women’s Representative.”

    @Kevin- There are two thing involved in an abortion: thw quality/convience of life, and the sanctity or “worth” of life. When you perform an abortion, you are placing the woman’s conviency of life over the sanctity, or worth (or right to) life.

    More than 90% of the time, the woman decided to perform the act necessary to generate the child in her womb. Saying she has the right to kill the child is ridiculous, because it wuld justify all sorts of things… Let’s say you’re poor and you’re working hard to support you and your grannie. But your grannie is half deaf, blind, and somewhat incoherent with reality.

    So she’s an inconvience.
    So do you now how have the right to take an axe to Grannie?

    I should think not.

    @Matt- Yes, the country would be a better place with mandatory civil service- it’d shape up some of the brats that grow up here- and I’m saying that as a fourteen year old.

  7. Sorry, but if life is worth something, why do most of us eat meat? Hell, why do we all eat? Everything you eat took a life, if not multiple lives. I know, it’s not a person. Neither is a fetus, it doesn’t have hopes, dreams or goals. It’s not placing her “conviency” over a life, it’s placing her rights over having her rights taken away. If this person doesn’t have the right to say “no, I don’t want this parasite (yes, it is technically a parasite) having more of a right to my body than I do”.

    Let’s say you got into a car crash and you had “Organ Donor” on your license. You wake up in a hospital, you look to your left only to see a man attached to you by tubes. You’re told you have to take over half a year of intense pain, until they can get the organs he needs, so he’s mooching off of yours. Is it wrong then, to say “no, I can’t take this”? You’re going to let him die, because you don’t want to deal with that inconvenience?

    Reasons why your last argument doesn’t make sense:
    1. Granny is a person
    2. You have no other option with the fetus, abortion is the only way, but Granny can get sent to a home
    3. Most abortions happen before the fetus even starts to look like a child

    Also, you just said you support fucking slave labour for the state. Remember, I work for my country’s government so don’t say I’m a shiftless dreg or something. You support forcing them to work, because you don’t like their attitude.

  8. By the way, I’m not from the USA, where I live you have to be a public servant for so many weeks without pay to graduate high school. Apparently it didn’t help, because most of my country agrees that abortion should be legal in all circumstances, not that the two are relevant anyway.

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