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Alright! I finally got around to reading this entire feature in Nature about cellular physiologist Theresa Deisher…and this woman is my new hero. She used to be “very left-wing,” especially when it came to life issues, but now Deisher is an “adamant right-to-lifer” fighting against embryonic stem cell research…in court! First, her mind was changed […]

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“Baby Joseph” has been described by doctors and the media as being in a “vegetative state” – a term I think we throw around way too freely these days. According to LifeSiteNews, this “vegetative” baby has to have his hands tied down by doctors because he has managed to remove the tube from his mouth […]

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In case you’ve missed this truly awful story. In Canada, a family is fighting for the right to care for their sick 13 month old child. “Baby Joseph” has a severe neurological disorder and is is on a ventilator in a hospital in London, Ontario. His parents are very aware that their son is not […]

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Last week I highlighted Catholic theologian, writer and spiritual director Tim Muldoon’s post candidly sharing how he and his wife discovered Red Hot Catholic Love by following what the Church recommended when it came to sex. In a follow up post, Muldoon shares he and his wife’s experience with Natural Family Planning (NFP): Natural family […]

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Dr. Bernard Nathanson was one of the founding members of NARAL and the director of one of the Nation’s largest abortion facilities in the 1970s. In the late 60s and early 70s he helped his fellow abortion advocates lie about fetal development and illegal abortion statistics in order to push for legalized abortion. He as […]

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Good news: the House passed the Pence amendment to de-fund Planned Parenthood, a success which many are attributing to the recent work of Live Action “exposing” the dirty deeds of the Nation’s largest abortion provider. And yet, a not-so small or insignificant debate has been raging lately on whether Live Action’s actions were justified. I […]

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The House is debating the Pence amendement to defund Planned Parenthood right now. According to their 2008-2009 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood received over $350 million from American taxpayers, a number that has been steadily rising over the years, and with it the number of abortions Planned Parenthood has committed. Planned Parenthood is in the business […]

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Via the UK Daily Mail: 33 year old Victoria Webster has “stunned doctors” (hmm…a lot of that going around these days) by giving birth to a healthy baby girl. Why so stunning? When she was pregnant she found out she had chronic myeloid leukaemia. Doctors pleaded with her to have a late term “termination” and […]

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This is a story not to be missed! There is a lot about brain activity we simply do not know. Brain scans, etc… can only tell so much and doctors are not mind readers. We should never give up on life when it needs us the most!

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Not cool. LONDON (AP) – A British judge ruled Tuesday that more evidence is needed before deciding whether to grant a mother’s wish to have her mentally disabled daughter sterilized — a case that is troubling medical ethicists. The 21-year-old woman, who has a significant learning disability and has been identified only as P, already […]

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