National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week

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This year American Life League has extended its annual Pro-Life T-Shirt Day to last for an entire week. It officially started this Tuesday and is to last until next Monday, May 4. As trivial as it seems – I mean, it’s just a t-shirt, right?? – this really is a great opportunity to be a witness for the cause of … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Called to Love

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Carl Anderson, Supreme Knight of the Knights of Columbus, has written a new book with the help of Father José Granados explaining John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Here is a description of the book titled “Called to Love“: Christianity has long been regarded as viewing the body as a threat to a person’s spiritual nature and of denying … Read More

Breaking: Sebelius Approved – Updated**

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I just saw this seconds ago on CNN – haven’t found a news story online yet: by a vote of 63-31 in the Senate, Kathleen Sebelius has officially been approved. Folks, meet your new Health and Human Services Secretary – unapologetic defender of sucking the brains out of partially delivered babies and covering-up rapes: **Update: found it online: Sebelius Wins … Read More

Choice and Disability

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As a disabled person myself I can totally relate to much of what is said in this article from The F-Word: Contemporary UK Feminism: Who has the privilege of deciding what constitutes a “serious handicap”? Not disabled people, that’s for sure. It’s no wonder that our voices are excluded from the abortion debate when the right to define disability is … Read More

“They Don’t Know What Else is Out There”

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Video of Kadi DeHaan from Michigan who was paralyzed in a car accident four years ago and has benefited from treatments using stem cells derived from her own bone marrow: She really nails it here when she says that when you mention stem cells many people assume you’re talking about embryonic and “don’t know what else is out there.” Either … Read More

Excellent: Jeff Fortenberry Addresses Clinton

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Video of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE) addressing SOS Clinton and following up on Rep. Chris Smith’s comments about her love for the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger (h/t Catholic Fire): He even mentions the “genius of woman” I love that! Yes, women deserve better than abortion. The “genius” of woman is her ability to give love freely – in other words, … Read More

Chris Smith Calls Out SOS Clinton

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We need more pro-life leaders in Congress like Rep. Smith. Here he calls out Sec. of State Hillary Clinton for her praise of the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger. He also asks her if to clarify whether or not the United States’ definition of “reproductive health” and “reproductive services” includes abortions (h/t Jill Stanek – via twitter): In her response Clinton … Read More

Come, Follow Me!

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Yes, I gave in – I finally joined the “Twitterverse” as my dad calls it. if you are also a part of the twitter community please come follow me: Other pro-life tweeters: Jill Stanek Monica Rafie – my Adult Stem Cell Awareness counterpart (I shamefully haven’t posted on there in ages! And there’s LOTS of good ASC news to … Read More

TOB Tuesday: What is Marriage?

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A few years ago Pope Benedict said: There are some who believe that it is legitimate to destroy human life in its earliest or final stages. Equally troubling is the growing crisis of the family, which is the fundamental nucleus of society based on the indissoluble bond of marriage between a man and a woman. Experience has shown that when … Read More

An Intrusion into Spiritual Time

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A few weeks ago I pointed out a comment I received on here defending assisted suicide for the terminally ill on the grounds that “it is how we live that matters, not how we die.” For the most part people want to be remembered (and want to remember others) for the way they “lived” their lives. We want to remember … Read More