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I just saw this seconds ago on CNN – haven’t found a news story online yet: by a vote of 63-31 in the Senate, Kathleen Sebelius has officially been approved. Folks, meet your new Health and Human Services Secretary – unapologetic defender of sucking the brains out of partially delivered babies and covering-up rapes:

**Update: found it online: Sebelius Wins Senate Confirmation as Health Secretary Nominee – got the numbers wrong up there. The vote was 65 (not 63) to 31.

**Update: Just heard that, yes, Brownback did vote for her confirmation.

April 28th, 2009 at 4:14 pm
2 Responses to “Breaking: Sebelius Approved – Updated**”
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    Paladin Says:

    Update: Just heard that, yes, Brownback did vote for her confirmation.

    Oh, my word.

    Lord, have mercy. At least there’s no doubt about his betrayal of the pro-life cause, now; no amount of “nuance” is going to explain this to even the most sympathetic pro-lifer.

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    Chelsea Says:

    This is what happens to good people when they get into politics – esp. when they have high political ambitions, like Brownback did/does. Eventually they are convinced that they have to start playing the political game – manipulated into rationalizing support for things that are otherwise against their principles in order to achieve some perceived greater goal or temporary victory. It’s sad, really.