Excellent: Jeff Fortenberry Addresses Clinton

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Video of Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (NE) addressing SOS Clinton and following up on Rep. Chris Smith’s comments about her love for the racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger (h/t Catholic Fire):

He even mentions the “genius of woman” I love that! Yes, women deserve better than abortion. The “genius” of woman is her ability to give love freely – in other words, to be maternal. As Gertrude von le Fort writes in her book The Eternal Woman: “To be a mother, to feel maternally, means to turn especially to the helpless, to incline lovingly and helpfully to every small and weak thing upon the earth.” This is God’s greatest gift to women. Abortion, as Mother Teresa told the nation 15 years ago, teaches a woman not to love, but to kill even her own child to solve her problems.

Clinton actually addressed the Sanger comments in this one – compared her to Thomas Jefferson and his support for slavery.

Calling all Geniuses

4 Comments on “Excellent: Jeff Fortenberry Addresses Clinton”

  1. Great leadership from Reps. Smith and Fortenberry.

    I’ve never particularly enjoyed paying taxes, of course, but this year I’m going to special lengths to reduce my tax liability to ensure that Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton get their hands on as little of my money as possible.

  2. I’m a fair tax supporter myself. I probably wouldn’t ordinarily support it, but I once interned for a rep who introduces a fair tax bill every year (very wishful thinking) and I sat in on a hearing for it where he explained it extremely well – answered all of the common objections to it, etc… – and it just made perfect sense. Of course it will never pass – but it’s a nice dream…

  3. Really, you interned for Congressman Linder? He’s a great Rep. I worked for former Congressman Mike Oxley of Ohio for many years.

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