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Hi there! So I’ve been taking a little bit of a blogging break, in case you haven’t noticed. After the New Media Celebration I spent a wonderful, relaxing day with my cousins in Amelia Island, Florida. The weather and everything was perfect, though there were sharks in the water, and there was a shark attack […]

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Starting today I will be heading to Atlanta, GA for the Catholic New Media Celebration sponsored by SQPN. Other bloggers attending the event include: Mark Shea, The Curt Jester, Amy Welborn, Rebecca Christian of Catholic in Film School, Clayton Emmer of The Weight of Glory, Pat Gohn of Write In Between, Heidi H. Saxton of […]

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A culture of life is a culture of love. That means loving everyone without exception – even our worst enemies. Yesterday’s Gospel reading: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you, that […]

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During the last legislative session, the Missouri Senate failed to pass a bill would strengthen the informed consent process and make abortion clinics offer an ultrasound to all women seeking abortions. The part of the bill that caused the most problems for the Senate leadership, however, was the section dealing with coerced abortions. Under the […]

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Blessings for all you fathers out there! Fathers are often the forgotten heroes of the American family, yet none would be complete without them. Thank you to all fathers for the hard work you do to support, protect and be an example to your children and grandchildren. Thank you, above all, for accepting your role […]

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After immunosuppressive therapy, fifty-six human patients with Multiple Sclerosis received autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation (h/t Wesley Smith). Tatiana Ionova, MD, PhD, Department of Haematology, Pirogov National Medical Surgical Center, Moscow, Russia reports that “All patients appeared to respond to treatment.” From the release: Improvement was seen in 62.3%, and stabilisation occurred in 37.7% of […]

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OK, I have to bring this up b/c it’s just getting ridiculous. The media, Oprah and the tabloids are going crazy over this “man” in Oregon who is just four weeks from giving birth to a baby girl. Ignoring the biological facts of the case, they are treating this as some scientific miracle, the “world’s […]

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In an article for Fox News (pt. 1 of 2) John Lott looks at the consequences of the liberalizing of abortion rules in the late 60s and early 70s: With abortion seen as a backup, women as well as men became less careful in using contraceptives as well as more likely to have premarital sex. […]

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According to a Griffith University study, published last Thursday in the journal Stem Cells, there is evidence that stem cells taken from a patient’s nose could produce dopamine-producing brain cells when transplanted into the brain. It has been a success in mice anyway. I find this study particularly interesting because just a few years ago […]

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I love ultrasound pictures of unborn babies. There is a reason that these pictures cause many women thinking about abortion to choose life instead. Recently a few of my friends have passed along pictures of their own unborn children: Twins: Jack and Irene I joked with Meredith that their names had me singing, “little ditty […]

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