The Pressure to Abort

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During the last legislative session, the Missouri Senate failed to pass a bill would strengthen the informed consent process and make abortion clinics offer an ultrasound to all women seeking abortions. The part of the bill that caused the most problems for the Senate leadership, however, was the section dealing with coerced abortions. Under the proposed law it would be a crime to coerce a woman to have an abortion or knowingly perform an abortion on a woman who had been coerced. Many considered that there was little evidence to show that such forced abortions exist. But I think the post Silent No Moreabortion group, Silent No More, would beg to differ.

After news broke recently of a 44 yr. old Georgia woman who is serving jail time after pressuring her son’s 16 yr. old girlfriend into having an abortion and then posing as her mother in order to sign off on the procedure, co-founder of the SNM Awareness Campaign, Janet Morana, said,

“The claim of the pro-abortion lobby that terminating a child’s life is ‘a choice between a woman and her doctor or her God’ is empty rhetoric to the countless women I know who were intimidated or threatened by boyfriends, husbands, or relatives. This Georgia case shows just how far reaching the pressure to abort can be.”

And according to Georgette Forney, another SNM co-founder, this heavy pressure often goes unnoticed or is out right ignored by abortion clinic workers whose job it should be to protect these women:

“Abortion clinics will not voluntarily ask girls or women if they’re being coerced into ending their children’s lives. Abortion clinics are in business to make money and the more abortions they perform, the richer everyone involved becomes; everyone, that is, except the woman who’s just had her life shattered and the baby who’s just had his life ended.”

They’re called “crisis” pregnancies for a reason. Many of the young women who find themselves in these situations are not the loud, proud, radical feminists you see waving coat-hangers at the “March for Women’s Lives”. They’re often scared young women who are often under serious pressure to rid themselves of the life in their womb from parents, boyfriends, coaches, employers and society as a whole, many times against their better judgement or even their own will.

More information about the Silent No More Awareness Campaign can be found at their website,

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  1. So now the pro-aborts are denying that coerced or forced abortions exist, are they?

    Guess what? The modern day Nazis all say that the Holocaust was a hoax. The proof that it happened? The photographs? All faked the Nazis say.
    The Satanists all say that Satanic Ritual Abuse does NOT happen, ever. They swear up and down that it NEVER happens. They do everything they can to re-establish the secrecy of this poorly kept secret.
    If you talk to a rapist-any rapist-they will all tell you that rape never (or rarely) happens. The women all want it, they ask for it, even if they are only two years old at the time.

    Such denials are really a last ditch cover up. They know that they can not justify the evil that they commit (or support). They know that they can not defend to the public that which is indefensible. So they lie about it, say it is not a problem. That way they can continue to do their oppression (or support others in doing it).
    Now the pro-aborts are saying that women are never (or rarely) coerced into unwanted abortions. But if it only happens rarely, why not support the right to choice for that rare woman, and protect her right not to be coerced?

    Obviously the people against this bill really back coerced abortion. Maybe they’re in with the abortion industry, which wants the financial profit from as many abortions as possible. Anything that allows a woman to choose life, they will pretend threatens a woman’s right to choose. All it really threatens is their profits.

    Maybe they just want the power to stop the women and girls in their world from having babies that would inconvenience them personally, never mind what the women themselves want. Maybe they just want to have sex without having to pay child support. If a woman has to be forced into abortion against her will, oh well that’s what I deserve, to make that choice instead of the woman.

    In any case, these people are not pro-choice. They are hard core pro-aborts who want to take the choice away from women. Like Nazis, Satanists, and rapists, they deny that abuse takes place because they don’t want it to stop.

    The voters of Missouri need to vote those rascals out of office and put in there people who will really protect the rights of pregnant women, starting with her right to give birth.

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