There is No “Pregnant Man“!

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OK, I have to bring this up b/c it’s just getting ridiculous. The media, Oprah and the tabloids are going crazy over this “man” in Oregon who is just four weeks from giving birth to a baby girl. Ignoring the biological facts of the case, they are treating this as some scientific miracle, the “world’s first pregnant man.” He’s not. As Wesley Smith put it a few months ago:

Beatie is a female who has taken hormones to develop male secondary sex characteristics, and who identifies psychologically and emotionally with the male gender. But his primary sexual characteristics, e.g. vagina, uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, apparently remain intact. Thus a FEMALE is pregnant, not a MALE. This is a non story that illustrates all that is wrong with the modern media environment.

He may psychologically, emotionally, legally and socially identify as a man, but biologically Thomas Beatie is still a woman and “his” pregnancy is nothing new under the sun. As shocking as the pictures are, a real life “Junior” this is not.

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