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The Missouri bill to criminalize coerced abortions has been moving along in the legislature. It has passed the House and a public hearing was completed in the Senate this Monday. It has also sparked an onslaught of negative editorials and letters to the editor claiming that the bill is disrespectful of a woman’s right to […]

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It appears that a large majority of gynecologists in Italy really take their role of doctor (“healer”) seriously: Nearly 70% of Italy’s gynecologists refuse to perform abortions, citing “conscientious objections,” according to a report released on Tuesday by the Italian Health Ministry, AFP/Google.com reports. This is a sizeable increase from 59% in 2003. The percentage […]

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Here are some more good ethical life science news stories for you: Heart Derived Stem Cells Develop Into Heart Muscle Cell-based Therapy Shows Promise In Patients With Parkinson’s Disease Is it just me, or is the hype surrounding embryonic stem cell research is just starting to sound more and more ridiculous and unnecessary? Clearly there […]

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Here’s a few good ethical life science news stories for you: Scientists say menstrual blood can repair hearts: Scientists obtained menstrual blood from nine women and cultivated it for about a month, focusing on a kind of cell that can act like stem cells. Some 20 percent of the cells began beating spontaneously about three […]

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Recently UCLA students ran a gotcha undercover investigation which exposed several idiot PP employees happily accepting donations to be specially earmarked for the abortion of a black child. Today Fox News reports that a group of black pastors held a vigil and a press conference in front of PP in D.C., accusing PP of “genocide […]

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Thanks to Paul at Alive and Young for linking to this great video by the Knights of Columbus about the vocation to Marriage. I had seen it on EWTN several months ago and it was apparently shown at the papal youth rally in Yonkers last weekend. In his address to the Bishops in Washington D.C. […]

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This is completely disgusting, especially considering this kind of thing actually does happen to young women who refuse to get an abortion when their boyfriend tells them to (h/t Catholic in Film School): I flagged the video as “shocking or disgusting” content, though it could also be flagged as “promotes hatred or violence”. You should […]

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I found some great videos highlighting those who have benefited from adult stem cells via Life Ethics: Here is Jacki Rabon, whose spinal cord injury improved after she was injected with stem cells from her own nose (from this study). I love this woman who, after two successful ASC injections, had a t-shirt made that […]

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We cannot celebrate the great gift of life without also meditating upon the mystery of death. Earlier last week I had the strangest dream about a man I graduated high school with who died in Iraq two years ago. I frequently have dreams about people I know or have known, but this one was particularly […]

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Recently the federal government dedicated $85 million for the creation of the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (AFIRM) to fund a type of stem cell therapy for veterans injured in Iraq and Afghanistan (h/t Wesley Smith). This therapy helps grow brand new bone: Orthopaedic stem cell surgery has been practiced by only a handful […]

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