Threatening a Woman’s “Right to Choose”

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The Missouri bill to criminalize coerced abortions has been moving along in the legislature. It has passed the House and a public hearing was completed in the Senate this Monday. It has also sparked an onslaught of negative editorials and letters to the editor claiming that the bill is disrespectful of a woman’s right to choose. Apparently these people have never actually heard from some abortion minded women who succumb to such a choice, not because they want to, but because of heavy pressure from parents, boyfriends, abortion clinic workers and society. From Operation Rescue:

“The most common statement I have heard in my 24 years of counseling abortion-minded women has been , ‘You don’t understand. I don’t have a choice,’” said Operation Rescue spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger. “There are so many women out there who do not want to abort their babies, but do so because they feel pressured or threatened by people in their lives to the extent that they do not believe they can resist. Abortion mills are all too happy to play on the fears of these vulnerable women because today, due to the shrinking demand for abortion, there is cut-throat competition for each abortion dollar.”

OR also has published stories of women who suffered coerced abortions at George Tiller’s abortion clinic in Wichita KS.

And according to this LifeSiteNews article about former abortion clinic owner Carol Everett:

In order to sell as many abortions as possible the telephone “counselors” at Everett’s clinics were trained to lead distraught women callers to think that there is only one solution to their unwanted pregnancy, and then to assure women that their child is only a “blob of tissue” and that the procedure itself will be basically painless.

This is the real threat to a woman’s “right to choose”. And this is why we must support our crisis pregnancy centers. They provide care and hope where others project only fear and despair and they help these women fulfill their calling to love and maternity – a dirty word in the feminist mindset of today’s society.

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  1. Anybody who says that they are against a bill protecting women from coerced abortion, on the grounds that it is “disrespectful of a woman’s right to choose,” has got to be the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Do they really think they can insult our intelligence with this double talk? Do they really think that we are so stupid that we can’t see through this?

    What about coercing a woman into an unwanted abortion? Do they really think we are stupid enough to believe such activity is respectful of a woman’s right to choose? Do they really think we are going to believe they are standing up for choice when they try to prevent the protection of a woman’s choice?

    How can they stand with those who are stamping out choice for women, one woman at a time, and then claim that they are protecting women’s choice? I can’t believe how stupid they think we are. They really think we are going to fall for it.

    I’ve got news for these newspeak experts: IF YOU DON’T RESPECT A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE LIFE, AND NOT GET AN ABORTION, THEN YOU CANNOT SAY THAT YOU ARE PRO-CHOICE. IF YOU FIGHT AGAINST LEGISLATION TO PROTECT A WOMAN FROM A COERCED ABORTION, THEN YOU ARE AGAINST A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO TRUELY CHOOSE. This is proven by your eagerness to protect the ability of the more powerful to force abortion on the less powerful.

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