Viva Italia!

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nullIt appears that a large majority of gynecologists in Italy really take their role of doctor (“healer”) seriously:

Nearly 70% of Italy’s gynecologists refuse to perform abortions, citing “conscientious objections,” according to a report released on Tuesday by the Italian Health Ministry, AFP/ reports. This is a sizeable increase from 59% in 2003. The percentage of anesthetists who refuse to assist in abortions increased from about 46% to 50% during the same time period.

When a woman is pregnant there are two patients present. Abortion is the direct killing of one patient done, in most cases, solely for the convenience of the other. This is clearly a violation of the doctor’s duty to do what he can to maintain or improve the life and health of his patients.

Not only that, but I imagine it takes a pretty hard heart (and a strong stomach) to perform abortions on a recurring basis. Watch this video from a former abortion provider about what happens to people who continue to perform abortions.

Good for the Italians!

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