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Here is a feel good story for your weekend (well, depending on how you look at it). Little Ava Grace Milam suffered a stroke while she was still in the womb: “They didn’t know at the time how bad, but they knew it was bad,” Milam said. Doctors found blood in Ava’s brain and her […]

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Recently 38 spinal cord injury patients were treated at Luis Vernaza Hospital in Guayaquil, Ecuador with bone marrow stem cells taken from the patients’ own hip bones (HT: JivinJehoshaphat): Of the 25 patients who provided more than three months and up to 14 months follow up: 15 gained the ability to stand up, 10 could […]

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Yesterday a federal judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the state from enforcing new regulations on abortion clinics until it can negotiate a “compromise with abortion providers.” This left both attorneys proclaiming victory. Gov. Blunt praised the decision while Missouri Right to Life had mixed feelings. They applaud the judge’s ruling that it is reasonable […]

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This story in the KC Star begins by describing Eric Westacott as a lawyer who has filed an ethics complaint against Missouri Cures Without Cloning for failing to file a finance report required by MO law. But, later in the article we come to find out that: Westacott said he filed the complaint because, as […]

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Via Life Site News: In a new biography, God and Hillary Clinton: a Spiritual Life, historian Paul Kengor sets out to answer the question: What does Hillary Clinton believe? What did he discover? A friend and colleague of Kengor, Warren Throckmorton, read through the press information on the book and says that we can expect […]

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A man I am fairly acquainted with from Columbia Missouri, who is paralyzed from the shoulders down, wrote a very misguided letter to the editor in the Kansas City Star last week saying: Opponents of stem-cell research are now masquerading as being “pro-cures.” The truth is that not only do they seek to repeal the […]

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In a speech addressed to the members of the Democratic International of the Centre and the Christian Democrats Pope Benedict said (my emphasis added): ‘There are those who legitimize the elimination of the human life in its pre-birth and terminal phases. The crisis of the family is also worrying, it is the fundamental cell of […]

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He’s introduced yet another pro-life bill in the Senate: Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) — Sam Brownback, the Kansas senator and Republican presidential candidate, has introduced a new bill that would require abortion practitioners to perform an ultrasound and allow women contemplating an abortion to see the pictures of their unborn child. The hope is that it […]

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Oh how I love to post this stuff! Cardiologists at Düsseldorf University Hospital said they have been the first in the world to use stem cell therapy to save a patient who suffered from a severe heart attack… Bodo-Eckehard Stauer, the director of the cardiology department at Düsseldorf University Hospital, told the Rheinische Post that […]

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For me, no cause more important than the right of every human being to have life. It is a universal human right which is endowed to us by our creator and ensured by our constitution, yet has been taken away in our country by a handful of Supreme Court justices and a successful campaign of […]

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