Stem Cells Treat Heart Attack Patient

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Oh how I love to post this stuff!

Cardiologists at Düsseldorf University Hospital said they have been the first in the world to use stem cell therapy to save a patient who suffered from a severe heart attack…

Bodo-Eckehard Stauer, the director of the cardiology department at Düsseldorf University Hospital, told the Rheinische Post that the patient was “on the verge of dying” after having suffered a severe heart attack. The man spent seven weeks in the intensive care unit with no sign of improvement.

Stauer decided to apply stem cell therapy on the patient…The therapy involved extracting adult stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow and then inserting them, with the help of a balloon catheter, into the artery damaged by the infarction.

After nine days of treatments the patient was quickly moved out of ICU and into a rehabilitation center.

Of course the author had to lament Germany’s “restrictive” embryonic stem cell research policy using the media’s usual deceptive language:

Since 2002, the production of embryonic cells from pre-existing stem cell lines is prohibited in Germany. Scientists are also not permitted to research on any lines produced after Jan. 1, 2002 to ensure that foreign laboratories do not create new lines for the German market.

Those pre-existing “stem cell lines” are actually human embryos that must be destroyed for the research they’re talking about.

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