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I’m sure most of you have seen this already. It’s pretty cleaver. Find all the answers you need to that burning question: What the FOCA?! at I have heard from several people who are skeptical about the chances of such a bill even coming up for a vote in the next few years. But in this interview with Students … Read More

Fighting FOCA in Missouri

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The 2009 session of the MO State General Assembly kicked off yesterday. During this session, Sen. Matt Bartle of Lee’s Summit hopes the State will approve a measure formerly opposing the federal Freedom of Choice Act awaiting committee approval in both houses of Congress. From an op-ed he wrote last week: With the legislative session ready to kick off next … Read More

Fight FOCA

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Thanks to Jay for posting this today, reminding me that I had seen this a week or so ago and never got around to posting it. The Americans United for Life Action Committee is actively trying to fight the Freedom of Choice Act that President-elect Obama promised to sign into law when he is president: This bill will not only … Read More

Barack Obama: Dangerous Values

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A new ad from the Family Research Council highlighting Obama’s promise to sign the Freedom of Choice Act (h/t Jay): According to this story the ad will run in the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Michigan and Washington DC television markets. Hopefully they will eventually run this ad here in MO as we are one of the coveted “swing states” and traditionally … Read More