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Thanks to Jay for posting this today, reminding me that I had seen this a week or so ago and never got around to posting it. The Americans United for Life Action Committee is actively trying to fight the Freedom of Choice Act that President-elect Obama promised to sign into law when he is president:

This bill will not only repeal all state and federal abortion restrictions and enshrine unlimited abortion on demand into American law, but, as a priest friend of mine pointed out, it could mean the end of Catholic hospitals – or at least their involvement in pregnancy related health care – by nullifying any laws allowing doctors to conscientiously object to participating in the evil of abortion.

I don’t know if Obama can do this by executive order, but that probably doesn’t matter considering the major support he will have in Congress. At the moment the Democrats do not hold a filibuster-prof majority, but there are three seats still to be determined from last weeks election which, ironically, is the exact number the Democrats need to pick up in order to obtain the super-majority. Not that that really matters either since I’m sure we have enough moderate pro-choice Republicans in there to fill the gap.

At any rate, we owe it to ourselves and our country, to the unborn and their mothers, to at least try to do something to prevent such an abomination. Sign the petition to help AUL fight FOCA. Read AUL’s analysis of FOCA.

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