Sacred Femininity

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Last Friday I caught an episode of Man and Woman: A Divine Invention with Fr. Benedict Groeschel and Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand. Speaking of the female body, von Hildebrand said that it is significant to note that a woman’s sexual organs, unlike those of men, are hidden – or to use another word, veiled. In the Old Testament the veil … Read More

Surprise! Sex Leads to Babies!

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Jen relates a story about a co-worker who had a one night stand with a woman that resulted in a pregnancy. Because they took the “necessary precautions”, said co-worker was pretty shocked at the outcome and said, “I just don’t know how it could be possible.” Sadly, because of the lies our contraceptive culture has told us, this comes as … Read More

Eunuchs for the Kingdom

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Hello, all! Sorry posting has been pretty light for the last few days. I do have a few works in progress. A good friend of mine was ordained a deacon last weekend for the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, Missouri. Through this sacrament Angelo, and the two others ordained with him, pledged to live his life totally committed to serving … Read More

Theology of the Body in Omaha

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Next month Christopher West will be in Omaha NE for a TOB conference. If you are in the Omaha area and have not had the opportunity to hear this amazing teaching from John Paul II, I highly recommend attending. Even if you have heard of TOB and studied it, there is always more to learn and Christopher is most entertaining … Read More

Kansas City Here I Come!

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I will be heading to Kansas City today for two events featuring Christopher West and Theology of the Body. This has been a very important teaching for me and has helped evolve my thinking about how to build a culture of life. Encouraging respect for the life of the unborn is only part of it. There must also be a … Read More

Theology of the Body in KC

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It is impossible to truly build a culture of life without reclaiming the truth and meaning of human sexuality (Evangelium Vitae n. 97). The Catholic diocese of Kansas City – St. Joseph has picked up on that and will be hosting a few Theology of the Body events in May. The first is on May 2 for young professionals in … Read More

21-year-old Fathers Seventh Child

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From BBC News: A 21-year-old who fathered his first child at 13 is about to become a dad for the seventh time. This is why pro-lifers must do more than just promote birth over abortion. Just because someone chooses life in an unintended pregnancy does not mean that they have changed their outlook on the circumstances (sexual immorality) that got … Read More

Countering PP’s Promotion of Promiscuity

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This edition of the American Life League Report is all about Planned Parenthood using your tax dollars to promote recreational sex. Why the push for promiscuity? PP is a for profit organization that thrives on its customers having active and unrestricted sex lives. That is, unrestricted by a marital covenant and committment to procreation – the only proper place for … Read More

What’s Bad for Criminals is Good for the Children?

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This isn’t exactly new news, but I just came across this video today about the pornographic children’s book, It’s Perfectly Normal, largely connected to Planned Parenthood and rejected by a Washington State Prison for being “sexually explicit” and “obscene”: As if we needed more of a reason to oppose Planned Parenthood. Books like this are designed to establish lasting business … Read More

Reclaiming the Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

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Regarding the WHO abortion study that I mentioned in Wednesday’s post another conclusion that many come to upon seeing the numbers of abortions carried out world wide is that something must be done to prevent so many “unwanted pregnancies” in the first place. Now that is a rational conclusion. What is irrational, however, is the promotion of contraception as a … Read More