What’s Bad for Criminals is Good for the Children?

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This isn’t exactly new news, but I just came across this video today about the pornographic children’s book, It’s Perfectly Normal, largely connected to Planned Parenthood and rejected by a Washington State Prison for being “sexually explicit” and “obscene”:

As if we needed more of a reason to oppose Planned Parenthood. Books like this are designed to establish lasting business for America’s leading abortion provider. Chastity and abstinence keep people out of their facilities, so by encouraging promiscuous sexual behavior, they are guaranteed repeat customers seeking “reproductive health” services such as condoms, birth control and abortions – the largest areas of PP’s business.

We need to fight back against this attack on the truth and meaning of human sexuality by reclaiming it as it was given to us by God to share in His divine love.

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This is “sex education” that can be taught to children even at relatively young ages because it’s not just about sex, but about discovering first why we were created as male and female and then how that relates to chastity, celibacy (for the sake of the kingdom), marriage and the act of sexual intercourse – the marital embrace.

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