TOB Tuesday: The Call to Marriage

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The spousal language of the body, as explained in John Paul II’s Theology of the Body, is lived out in two specific vocations: Marriage and celibacy for the Kingdom. Here, in part of the Road to Cana DVD series the late and very blessed Fr. Richard Neuhaus beautifully explains the call to Marriage: Strong, healthy, Christ centered marriages are the … Read More

TOB for Teens on EWTN!

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Starting tonight EWTN will air the Theology of the Body for Teens on Thursday evenings at 11:30 p.m. eastern with an encore each Friday at 2:30 AM Eastern. Grab your teens – even your pre-teens if you think they can handle it – and have a TV night! If you don’t get EWTN through your cable or dish provider you … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Lent and the Theology of the Body

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Fr. Loya of Catholic Exchange has a great article on how Lent can be helpful to our sex lives: Lent is characterized by three things: prayer, fasting and almsgiving (increased charity.) Perhaps the most striking of these three features is fasting. The practice of fasting is found in many of the great Biblical figures the first of whom being Jesus … Read More

Aim High!

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There is a great quote from artist Michelangelo that goes, “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.” This low aiming is precisely what we’re doing to our young people when we teach them “abstinence, but…” education. By “abstinence, … Read More

Love and Responsibility Immersion Course 2009

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As JP II’s groundbreaking teaching on sexuality and the human person is very slowly making its way into the hearts and minds of the Catholic faithful (and even many protestants) very few people realize just how far the late pontiff delved into understanding and explaining the Catholic tradition of family life and sexual morality. So I was pleased to receive … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Feminine Receptivity

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Last week I talked about the gift of masculinity. Today then I will focus on woman and the gift of femininity – specifically our gift of receptivity. In terms of living according to genuine masculinity and femininity, today’s men and women are further disadvantaged by the rise of radical feminism that does merely encourage the “equality” of the sexes, but … Read More

TOB Tuesday: The “Manhood Project”

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Last week I brought up the importance of men and women complimenting each other with their sexual differences by living according to authentic masculinity and femininity. So I was pleased to come across this column at the Catholic Exchange’s TOB Channel on what one man is doing to teach his sons how to grow to be “Godly, Loving Men.” He … Read More

The Root of the Abortion Problem

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In a letter to the editor last week an Our Sunday Visitor reader responds to a previous OSV article asking if American Catholics are suffering from a conscience formation deficit and no longer taking abortion seriously: The problem is that abortion is not the problem but the symptom. For several generations we have tolerated a culture where our sexual values … Read More

TOB Tuesday: “How do They Know? They’re Celibates!”

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This week’s TOB (Theology of the Body) Tuesday topic was inspired by the recent ordination of a good friend of mine to the ministry of the priesthood. He is now Father Angelo Bartulica serving in the diocese of Kansas City/St. Joseph. It was a beautiful ordination celebrated by the always wonderful Bishop Robert Finn (**see video below). Several months ago … Read More

Give the Gift of TOB!

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Folks, our culture is in desperate need of “sexual healing” as Christopher West explains in this brief video clip: Help facilitate this healing by sharing the good news of the Theology of the Body this Christmas. One of the best resources is Christopher West’s book Good News About Sex and Marriage. I have given away a number of copies over … Read More