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This image (via CatholicSistas) goes perfectly with what I wrote for CatholicLane yesterday.

Cecile Richards Doesn’t Speak for Me…Or the Majority of American Women

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According to liberal feminists like Nancy Pelosi and Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, opposition to the Health and Human Services mandate forcing religious employees to cover contraceptive services amounts to a misogynistic “war on women.” The media is often all too willing to repeat this opinion as being representative of the female population at large, but is this what the … Read More

When Women ‘Need’ the Pill

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Here’s something guaranteed to garner some heated debate. In discussions about contraception, it often gets brought up that birth control pills are used, not just for preventing pregnancy, but for treating other, non-contraceptive medical diseases and conditions. Not only are they being used for this reason, but, we’re told that they are necessary for treating various complications related to a … Read More

After the Thrill is Gone…

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You know things are bad when even Mr. “I felt this Thrill going up my leg” Chris-freaking-Matthews is on your side. And he actually articulates the dilemma very well: Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Poor Chris. What can you do when your dreams come true/And it’s not quite like you planned? I think … Read More

Komen Breaks Ties to Planned Parenthood, ESC Research

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My latest article, published at CatholicLane.com: For years, several Susan G. Komen for the Cure affiliates have given Planned Parenthood over half a million dollars in grants every year. Last year that amount was roughly $680,000 and $580,000 the year before. Now, the Nation’s largest breast cancer awareness organization says it will officially end its financial support for the Nation’s … Read More

NFP in Africa!

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From Human Life International’s Adam Cassandra at CatholicLane: The St Mary Mother of Charity and Consolation Clinic for NFP opened last November in Nyeri, Kenya as part of the pro-life outreach efforts of HLI Kenya. The clinic, which teaches couples the Billings Ovulation Method of NFP, has been embraced by local Church leaders. “We hope mothers who go through this … Read More

A Shocking Dose of Sanity From the HHS

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Plan B (also known as the morning-after pill) was approved by the FDA at the end of the Clinton administration in 1999. Since 2009, it has been available behind the pharmacy counter without prescription for women 17 years of age and older. This week, the FDA considered a request from Plan B manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals to allow women of any … Read More

Relic to Promote Motherhood, Discourage Contraception and Abortion in Russia

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Russia needs all the help they can get (h/t Fr. Shelton)

NFP: Real Women’s Liberation

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This is a fabulous post from April of My Feminine Mind: I absolutely love Natural Family Planning. There are a lot of things that I love about it. The thing that stands out the most to me, however–the big, neon-sign, in-your-face-amazing thing about NFP is the ideology behind it. It begins with the premise that women are good. Because our … Read More

On This Anniversary of Humanae Vitae…

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…read it! Go on. I dare you. What have you got to lose? Really. As Papal encyclicals go, it’s probably one of the shortest and easiest to understand: The question of human procreation, like every other question which touches human life, involves more than the limited aspects specific to such disciplines as biology, psychology, demography or sociology. It is the … Read More