NFP in Africa!

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kenyanfp2.jpgFrom Human Life International’s Adam Cassandra at CatholicLane:

The St Mary Mother of Charity and Consolation Clinic for NFP opened last November in Nyeri, Kenya as part of the pro-life outreach efforts of HLI Kenya. The clinic, which teaches couples the Billings Ovulation Method of NFP, has been embraced by local Church leaders.

“We hope mothers who go through this training will pass this knowledge to their daughters,” said Father Raphael Wanjohi, director of HLI Kenya, who is also in charge of the clinical and psychological counseling for the Nyeri Catholic Archdiocese.

This is wonderful, especially considering Africa’s huge AIDs problem. Many in the West think that the answer to the AIDs crisis is increased condom use, but recent studies show that behavior change, specifically a reduction in multiple sexual partnerships, is what really makes a difference reducing HIV numbers. HIV/AIDs is spread through risky and immoral sexual behavior. Giving people condoms just lulls them into a false sense of security and can actually encourage that dangerous behavior and increase the risk of disease.

Human beings are exceptional creatures. We are capable of controlling our actions and we should be encouraged avoid those that are a danger to us altogether, rather than just “reducing the risk” and hoping for the best. That is why NFP practitioners emphasize abstinence before marriage and then fidelity within marriage.

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