Better Off Dead?

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Today Judie Brown re-published on her blog a post I wrote a few years ago here on mine. It’s was a response to two articles debating whether a set of conjoined twins “deserved to be born” (not really “euthanasia” as I originally said in the post, der. Should have said eugenics). Since the subject matter is still relavent today (both in terms of how we view life with a disability and what many “futile care” advocates are really after) and because I’ve gotten quite a few new readers since that post was written, I do hope you’ll check it out: here or at American Life League.

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  1. “Hogan-Simms should not have been allowed to make the ultimate decision. I have in the past always cast a jaundiced eye on committee decisions, but I like to believe in this instance an ethics committee would have seen the logic of terminating this pregnancy.”

    Let’s see. Could we possibly describe such an “ethics committee” as a “panel” that would announce that “death” would be a better option for the two girls?

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