Defining Beauty

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For those who think that people with a disability have a lower “quality of life”, that life with a disability is not worth living:

Find out more about the documentary at:

Incidentally, my good friend Penny, who helped me out a lot after my accident, was the second runner up in Miss Wheelchair America 1993 and the very first “Miss Wheelchair USA” in 1995. She is the assistant director of Think First Missouri, an injury prevention program that I used to speak for as well.

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2 Comments on “Defining Beauty”

  1. Next person who tried to make that “quality of life” argument with me is getting punched in the throat. Life has a VALUE, regardless of whether or not society considers that life to have enough “quality.”

  2. Cool. And I’ll bet that unlike another similarly named competition this one won’t degenerate into controversy and scandal!

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