World Down Syndrome Day Quick Takes

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Today is World Down Syndrome Day, a day to celebrate the lives of those who have an extra 21st chromosome and raise awareness about the “good news” about DS

This year, since I’ve written so much about this topic already, I thought I’d just offer a round-up of some of my favorite articles/posts over the years:

World Down Syndrome Day and the Cult of Normalcy

Todd Frazier’s “Best Friend and Greatest Batboy”

Prenatal Testing and Abortion, a History

Your Handicapped Child is a Blessing

Would You Say That to My Face?

Good News About Down Syndrome

What is “Normal”?

Teddy Kremer and the Reds: A Love Story

P.S. if you like the image at the top of this post, you can order a copy of it from Kerri Liles Photography. I’ve got one, myself. Just need to find a frame for it.

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