Your Handicapped Child is a Blessing

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I wish more families who have children diagnosed with Down syndrome and other diseases before birth would get advice like this instead of pressure to abort:

In a related video, St. Josemaria talks about true “liberation” from suffering and the value of the prayers of sick people – the apostolate of suffering. On our retreat last week, the priest said that St. Josemaria would often solicit the prayers of the sick when he was just starting Opus Dei and credits those prayers for helping the work spread so far and wide!

Liberation: Blessed be pain! Loved be pain! Sanctified be pain! Glorified be pain! We can say this, of course, because of the Resurrection and the Triumph of the Cross. In the cross we are victorious, through the cross we shall reign, by the cross all evil is destroyed, Alleluia! Hope you’re all having a great Easter season!

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