Almost 20 Years Later TLC’s “Chilli” Still Regrets Her Abortion

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This is heartbreaking h/t The Crescat: “I would break down and I would just cry…because I wasn’t a mommy. I cried almost every day for almost nine years.” It is absolutely insane to compare abortion, as many do, to other medical procedures, even major ones. By and large, people don’t tend to cry every day for years regretting their decision … Read More

Perinatal Hospice: Yay or Nay?

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Over at Catholic Lane, Mark Pickup writes about the importance of Christian perinatal hospice: There are expectant parents who face the terrible reality that their baby will be born with a terminal condition. They are usually told after a prenatal test and are given the choice of continuing the pregnancy or aborting their baby. Parents are often pressured to make … Read More

Video: Mother Dolores at the Oscars!

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As I predicted, Mother Dolores was never featured on any of the red carpet shows, but I heard from a few people who noticed her in the background. She even caught the attention of celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton! I didn’t see it live, but during this interview with Maya Rudolph, you can see her off to the right starting … Read More

Why I’m Watching the Oscars Red Carpet Show Tonight

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Two words: Mother Dolores (aka the “nun who kissed Elvis”)! After Nicki Minaj’s attempt to be edgy at the Grammys by mocking the Catholic Church wearing a nightmarish red habit and accompanied by a man dressed as the pope, another woman will be gracing the red carpet in full habit at Hollywood’s next big awards show tonight. Only this one’s … Read More

A Wonderful Cause for Your Almsgiving This Lent!

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Early last month I told you about a woman who is running a half-marathon in thanksgiving to the Cenacolo Community for helping her brother break free from addiction to drugs and alcohol. She writes: Through his late teens and early twenties, he battled a horrible addiction and has recently celebrated his two year mark of being clean from all drugs … Read More

Seven States Sue Obama Admin Over Contraception Mandate

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I said before, opposition to the HHS/Obama contraception mandate is not just about Catholics or contraception. It is about an unprecedented overreach of the federal government into the lives and the consciences of private American citizens and Catholics aren’t only ones fighting against it: Seven states filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration today seeking to overturn the mandate that … Read More

The Pro-Life Movement is Bigger and Stronger Than Ever Before!

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What started with just one hour in College Station, TX not even ten years ago, has grown to a bi-annual 40 day campaign of prayer, fasting, peaceful vigil and community outreach in hundreds of cities across America and around the world. Starting today through Sunday, April 1, 40 Days for Life campaigns will be held in 258 cities all across … Read More

TOB Tuesday: Intimacy with the Cross

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Ah, Lent! That time of year when we spend a little more time than usual reflecting on how much we have distanced ourselves from God by our sin. Personally, I can easily get discouraged and even disgusted with myself when we think about the many ways I have chosen darkness over light. But, the Lenten season is also preparation for … Read More

Public Acknowledgement of Pelosi’s Excommunication: The Time to Hesitate is Through

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Generally speaking, I agree with Archbishop Chaput, who said in his book Render Unto Caesar: If Catholic political life is dominated by bickering over who will or will not be denied Communion, the real issue will be overlooked. The real issue is this: Many of the same American Catholics who are successful, assertive and professionally well educated in their secular … Read More

The Meme of the Moment on Catholics and Pro-Life Activists

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Here are a few great images I found using the meme of the moment to describe how Catholics and pro-life activists are viewed in the eyes of the world (click each source for larger image): Source Source