Almost 20 Years Later TLC’s “Chilli” Still Regrets Her Abortion

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This is heartbreaking h/t The Crescat:

“I would break down and I would just cry…because I wasn’t a mommy. I cried almost every day for almost nine years.”

It is absolutely insane to compare abortion, as many do, to other medical procedures, even major ones. By and large, people don’t tend to cry every day for years regretting their decision to get a tumor removed or a bad tooth extracted. Abortion advocates dismiss any direct link between abortion and depression, but groups like Silent No More and Rachel’s Vineyard wouldn’t exist if abortion didn’t have a serious negative effect on women spiritually and emotionally.

One Comment on “Almost 20 Years Later TLC’s “Chilli” Still Regrets Her Abortion”

  1. Powerful despite not being a super long video. Chilli’s experience is VERY relatable for MOST young girls/women and she is a VERY known artist which makes this video approachable and understandable to most young girls.

    Thanks for sharing! Sharing is caring! šŸ™‚

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