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Here is another excellent presentation from last week’s National Right to Life Convention in Jacksonville, FL. It’s Burke Balch, J.D. again on the danger of legal assisted suicide and the hypocrisy of the “right to die” movement. It was one of my very favorite presentations. If you can spare a half an hour, it’s well […]

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The first workshop I attended at the National Right to Life Convention on Thursday was titled: Treatment Ethic – Religious Perspectives: When is it Appropriate to Provide or Withhold Livesaving Medical Treatment? The Catholic and Protestant Perspective. Long title, but very informative workshop. I didn’t record the first part of the workshop lead by Lori […]

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“Authentic love is not a vague sentiment or a blind passion. It is an inner attitude that involves the whole human being. It is looking at others, not to use them but to serve them. Love, in a word, is the gift of self.” – Blessed John Paul II In today’s culture it is considered […]

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Hello from Jacksonville, FL! I’ve been here since Monday hanging out with some relatives before I have to attend the National Right to Life Convention which starts today!! I haven’t taken much time to post anything, but I have been keeping my eye on what’s going on around the web. A few things worth mentioning: […]

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Anonymous Father’s Day is a feature-length documentary, telling the real stories of what it’s like to be a “donor-conceived” person. IFV: putting the desires of adults over the best interest of children. See also: Who’s Your Daddy? IVF, Frozen ‘Orphans’ and the Wisdom of the Church

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Since I put up an old picture of me and my mom for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d do the same for dad this Father’s Day. Thank you, Dad, for all you have given me and to all fathers for the hard work you do to support, protect and be an example to your children […]

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I’m outta here!! Driving down south again. I’m on my way to Georgia today to stay with some relatives there for a few days. Then on to Jacksonville, FL next week to visit more relatives and attend the National Right to Life Convention. Then it’s back up to Georgia for a few more days before […]

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William Oddie has a must-read post at the Catholic Herald UK blog responding to a program that ran on the BBC’s this week which featured fantasy author and campaigner for assisted suicide Sir Terry Pratchet, watching the physician-assisted death of Peter Smedley, badly afflicted by Motor Neurone Disease. Hundreds of complaints have been filed since […]

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Unfortunately, it’s not a very distant history. Many people forget, or don’t even know that the Nazi Holocaust began with the forced sterilization of so-called “undesirables,” namely, the physically and mentally handicapped. What even more people don’t know is that before Hitler, the United States lead the world in the forced sterilization of these “unfit” […]

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Yesterday I wrote about an article in the UK Daily Mail written by a mother who chose to kill her unborn son who was diagnosed with spina bifida. Today I was just struck by the stark contrast between her negative and fear based vision of life with a handicapped child and a recently uncovered email […]

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