On the Road Again…

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I’m outta here!! Driving down south again. I’m on my way to Georgia today to stay with some relatives there for a few days. Then on to Jacksonville, FL next week to visit more relatives and attend the National Right to Life Convention. Then it’s back up to Georgia for a few more days before finally returning home.

Prayers – especially to my guardian angel and St. Raphael for my safe travel, and for everyone travelling down to the convention – would be much appreciated!

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  1. Thanks to Pat Archbold with National Catholic Register I just found your site and read your “About me”…I am always amazed at how our Good God works his wonders by giving us creatures examples such as you are. St Terese was a favorite Saint of St Maria Faustina Kowalska if you do not have her Diary…I RECOMMEND IT!!! She wrote “O most sweet Jesus, who have graciously demanded that I tell the whole world of Your incomprehensible mercy, this day I take into my hands the two rays that spring from Your merciful Heart; that is, the Blood and the Water; and I scatter them all over the globe so that each soul may receive Your mercy and, having received it, may glorify it for endless ages.” #836 Diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska

    I know you will quickly identify with her Redemptive Suffering and she was 29 when began writing!…(she too would have been a GREAT Catholic blogger!) You can buy it from https://secure.marianweb.net/giftshop/diary.php or call 800-462-7426 (it now comes on CD Book as well!)
    We will begin praying for you daily and please pray for the St Nicholas Project…it too is an Apostolate of Redemptive Suffering!
    May God continue to hold you near His most loving and generous Heart…In Christ +JMJ

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