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Quotes from Saint Gianna Molla who gave up her own life so that he unborn child would live: To Pietro, her husband, as she was dying in the hospital: Pietro, I am cured now. Pietro, I was already over there and do you know what I saw? Some day I will tell you. But because […]

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The St. Louis Post briefly mentions the Stem Cell Divide: STEM CELL NEUTRAL: While the embryonic stem cell controversy was galvanizing Missouri, three St. Louis women were documenting it all — the hearings, the legislative sessions, speeches, debates, rallies and the Amendment 2 campaign. Those women — Barbara Langsam Shuman, Jill Mirowitz Mogil and Sharon […]

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This undercover video from Students for Life of America unveils that at least one clinic is still practicing induced labor abortions and letting the babies who survive the abortion attempt “eventually die,” presumably by not giving the helpless living human beings the medical care that they are entitled to. (h/t: Generations for Life) Let’s not […]

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Back in 1999, Canadian David Little decided he had had enough of praying for life while his tax dollars were being used to pay for death by funding abortions in Canadian hospitals. Since then Mr. Little has not filed a single tax return and doesn’t plan on changing his mind in the near future either: […]

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On Rush’s show this week he had a very lengthy monologue on Obama and the Constitution in which he got into abortion, the Declaration of Independence and “”Why the Founders Put Life First”: The document that preceded the Constitution, of course, the Declaration of Independence: We are all endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable […]

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The campaign days are winding down and soon Election Day will be upon us. We say it every election year, but this year there really is a lot at stake, especially when it comes to protecting innocent human life. And in American politics there is no issue of greater importance – not the war, not […]

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The tragic story of Daniel James (mentioned in this post) reminds me of a passage from Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain: Indeed, the truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering, the more you suffer, because smaller and more insignificant things begin […]

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I just checked out the St. Louis International Film Festival website and saw that the blurb for “The Stem Cell Divide” (that I wrote about here) is now up: The Stem Cell Divide Barbara Shuman, Jill Mogil & Sharon Pollack, U.S., 2008, 90 min. Sunday, Nov. 16, 2 p.m., Tivoli 1 “The Stem Cell Divide” […]

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This is an outstanding article from Bishop Hermann in St. Louis. They haven’t named a permanent replacement yet, but I think Hermann’s filling in quite nicely for Burke: Judgment Day is on its way. When my time comes, I will be measured by my Savior for the decisions I have made. I will either be […]

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It often happens that many who consider themselves pro-life, but vote for pro-abortion politicians try to justify their decision by claiming that the law really means little when it comes to reducing abortion numbers. The key, they say, is in providing support for pregnant women so that they don’t feel the need to make the […]

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